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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Derision 2011: Meet Your Official Slate of Reston Association Board Candidates

Election Campaign Button.jpegWith all candidates now officially certified and one incumbent dropping out of the race, the slate of candidates for the 2011 Reston Association Board of Directors now appears to be complete. And we've got pictures! And official statements!

At-large board member Richard Chew said Monday he had withdrawn his name from the election, citing "family commitments." That leaves a whopping five candidates running for the at-large seat: Jason Carlo, Sridhar Ganeshan, Andrew "Andy" Sigle, John George, and Donovan D'Souza.

Incumbent Hunters Woods/Dogwood board member Cheryl Beamer is being challenged by Victor Van Rees. Also, Amanda Andere is running as the apartment owners' candidate, a position we quite frankly never knew existed, most likely because our vast real estate holdings are primarily concentrated in Farmville-related assets.

Which candidate called Reston "tennis town?" Who, in a 60 Minutes-like admission of wrongdoing, admitted he was not very good at the Sport of Suburbanites? Which one used the word "ire?" Who committed the first MAJOR GAFFE of the campaign by failing to complete the Reston slogan "live, work, and play" with "get involved?" You too can find out by seeing the exciting photographs and official position statements that follow "after the jump," as those of us in the "web logging" business like to say.

At-Large Candidates:

asigle_photo.jpg1. Andrew “Andy” Sigle
We moved to Reston in 2006 after researching and touring the WDC area; deciding that Reston was the place we wanted to make our home and raise our family. I have volunteered for Reston Association for the last several years as the host of the Reston Today Local News edition. That experience has helped increase my knowledge of our community, the local issues we face, and also reinforced my view of how important it is to get involved. We have children who have attended elementary, middle and high school in Reston; they have also participated in Reston Swim Team Association, Reston Little League, and Herndon/Reston Youth Softball. I have had the privilege to volunteer in various capacities for each of the schools and activities. I have undergraduate degrees in Engineering and Economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana, and a MBA from the University of Chicago.

Reston will undergo much change over the next several years, especially with the arrival of the Metro Silver Line. While change is good and essential, we need to thoughtfully guide these changes to keep them consistent with the essential qualities that are the foundation of Reston. A top issue is the stewardship of our natural areas and open spaces – it is the prioritization of these areas that separates Reston from most other communities. While it would be relatively straightforward to build on them, it is difficult to return these spaces to their natural state. We need to protect them. And while it will be essential to plan for increased automobile traffic, we also need a continued emphasis on pedestrian and bike transportation routes for the health and longevity of our community. Let’s keep Reston a diverse community in which we can all find opportunities to live, work and play.

Jason_Carlo.jpg2. Jason Carlo
I grew up in the Reston/Herndon area and purchased my current home in South Lakes. Having watched the tremendous growth of Reston over the past 35 years, I have a unique perspective for how the changes have benefited the community. I’m a member of my cluster Board of Directors and have taken a very active role in improving the quality of the neighborhood and increasing overall home values. Professional, I work for Sprint as a Business Development Manager. My career affords me the opportunity to travel throughout the US. This always reinforces my appreciation for Reston and still provides some exciting ideas for ways to improve our community. I’m also a volunteer Fire/EMS Lieutenant with ten years of service. I got involved out of duty to help improve my community and to give back. It is the most fulfilling service I’ve been able to provide.

Preparing for how the Metro is going to affect our community is a paramount goal for my candidacy. We need to ensure that the Reston way of life is maintained with our growth and that we integrate this new transportation medium into our planning. As an avid runner and golfer, these two activities are what I love most about Reston. Although I’m not very good, I’ve been trying for a number of years now to include tennis on that list. It’s almost un-Reston to not play tennis, so I’m learning. We need to find ways for making Reston just as active during the colder months as it is during the warmer ones. Finally, maintaining our financial well being while continuing to provide superior services to our residents.

Sridhar_Ganesan.jpg3. Sridhar Ganesan
My background includes 26 years of cross-border and multi-disciplinary experience in media, telecom and technology - building businesses and organizations, managing global operations and raising capital. I have been CFO of a NASDAQ company, founded two start-ups, was a senior manager at a major defense contractor, have dealt with and been on corporate boards for many years and have a graduate degree from Columbia University, NY. I have lived in Reston for over 12 years and participated in the wholesome community through its seasons, whether it is children’s swim-team, seven years of playing Reston Team Tennis or enjoying what Reston offers – trails to run or bike on, walks around lakes, farmers’ market, festivals and events at Reston Town Center. I am passionate about leveraging my skills and experience to preserve and enrich the community. I am driven by doing the right thing and getting it right.

Reston changed during the over 12 years that my family and I have lived here. We will see more with the updated Reston Master Plan (RMP) and Dulles Rail, among others. I would like to bring my results-oriented, roll-up-my-sleeves-can-do attitude to the RA Board and help Reston navigate through those changes. My goal is to:
• Assist RA in implementing its strategic plan.
• Maintain high level of engagement with RMP to ensure RA's current and future needs are met with respect to facilities and community infrastructure.
• Engage, represent and advance Reston’s interests at the county level and other forums.
• Bring greater efficiencies to decision-making and results at the Board and RA level.
• Augment fiscal management; develop additional sources of revenues to RA.
• Drive key initiatives like bringing Indoor tennis to our much-envied tennis “town”.
What is important to you? Send your thoughts to

JGeorgeRAcandidate.JPG4. John E. George
My family and I arrived in Reston in 1989 and have remained here ever since. We have benefited from the community’s environment, neighbors and leisure activities.
Reston’s trails, pools, tennis courts and nature areas need upkeep and protection. Metro will arrive here in 2013 resulting in growth and congestion. Deliberations on how to finance an indoor tennis facility are underway.
Our challenge lies in fiscally managing our existing assets and programs while influencing the future without overreaching. I am running for the Board of Directors to meet this challenge and others.
Experience and Education:
Cutting “red tape” for citizens
Building partnerships with local, state and federal governments
Past President of Whitney Park East Homeowners Association
Practical experience in transportation and government
Managing, training of employees
Careers in federal government, news coverage and Fairfax County Public Schools
BA and MA in Political Science

Forging Partnerships–Hard times have placed financial limitations on most Reston families and the Association. We should examine untapped funding sources through partnerships with local businesses and government to support existing programs or new ventures.
Education--Member ire over the Reston Stream Restoration Project taught everyone. Residents, including me and others, learned their input could improve the project. The Association has redoubled its educational outreach also making the project better. Similar projects should contain additional education avenues for Member feedback during their planning phases.
Increasing Cooperation – Metro comes to Reston in late 2013. Plans are underway for stemming congestion and high-density development nearby. Reston Association should continue its work with Fairfax County’s Master plan and Transportation Committee to ensure our community’s interests are represented.
Please join my campaign for the RA Board of Directors at-large seat. Send me an email with your ideas at

Dsouza.JPG5. Donovan D'Souza
Reston has seen several changes in the past and will be seeing many more in the future. Though positive, CHANGE always comes with some concerns for the current residents, myself included who have grown to love Reston's unique identity. Being a parent like many of my fellow Restonians, my goals will be:
Preserving Reston's natural charm. In the words of Robert E Simon "beauty-structural and natural-is a necessity of the good life and should be fostered"
Community building. Close knit communities are vital for providing a safe and nurturing environment for future generations. Reston's heterogeneity has always been the city's pride, however the influx of new and varied cultures demand more effective community building efforts through improving and facilitating year-round recreational facilities and activities. Please call, email or join me on Facebook: 703-825-8626, or www.facebook.comldonovandsouza

My solid engineering background has programmed me to look for solutions, fixes and innovation instead of diplomatic answers. A new approach, a fresh look at issues to provide working solutions that are acceptable to one and all has been my strength all through life, from being the oldest of three to my current job in Quality Assurance for IT. A family man with deep rooted ties to my community, I would bring years of budgeting and analytical skills to the board. Being an avid traveller, my exposure to diverse cultures and communities give me a unique advantage for bringing people closer and building communities.

Hunters Woods/Dogwood District Candidates:

Cheryl_Beamer_Election_Photo.jpg1. Cheryl Beamer
Director, Hunters Wood / Dogwood District, RA (2007 to Present)
* Served as Board Liaison on the following committees: Transportation; Pedestrian and Bicycle; Legal; Covenants; RNAC; IPAR (Initiative for Public Art in Reston)
* Bachelor of Arts (California State University, Fullerton)
* Professional background: financial underwriting / employee benefits

STRENGTHEN RA’s VOICE IN METRO DEVELOPMENT -- Development must be proactively managed. I would work for a stronger voice for Reston in County and State governments.
PATHWAYS / OPEN SPACE -- Keep our pathway system safe and well maintained. Environmental issues are challenges that require our vigilance.
BUDGET -- Appropriately fund to maintain existing assets; wisely balance investment in capital projects – avoid a large one-time assessment and keep our assessment affordable.
DRB/COVENANTS –Keep customer service a priority focus. The process should be easy to understand and a resource to us all – not an obstacle.
POOLS & TENNIS -- Our pool and tennis facilities are valuable assets that should be well maintained. Providing indoor facilities for year round use should be a high priority using creative partnerships and funding alternatives.
TRANSPORTATION PLANNING – Work more effectively with the County and State for traffic mitigation and transit oriented development.

vicinohio_copy.jpg2. Victor Van Rees
• Former VP Reston/Herndon BabeRuth Baseball
• Former Commissioner/President/Coach Northern Virginia Senior BabeRuth Baseball
• Vice President Tanner Cluster home owners association
• Member Reston Covenant Committee
• Experience in home construction, remodeling and landscaping
• Management experience and a team builder
• Communication and social media expert

My goals include: holding the line on costs and fees to residents, promoting and facilitating youth sports and senior activities, polling residents about initiatives before voting, and enhance home values through maintenance and landscaping programs. Further, I will explore grants to assist in home improvement, particularly for seniors. I will utilize my marketing and communication skills to enhance communication and feedback with residents, and I will utilize my team-building skills to further community interaction.

Apartment Owners’ Candidate:
1. Amanda Andere

Amanda Andere, MPA currently serves as the Executive Director of FACETS, a community based organization serving people in need in Fairfax County. She has lived in Reston for close to 3 years.
Before joining FACETS Amanda served as the Vice President of External Affairs and Community Resources at Reston Interfaith for 5 years. She has worked for Congresswomen Maloney and several national and state campaigns. She has focused most of her career on fundraising working for various local and national organizations.
She currently serves on the following boards and committees Leadership Fairfax, Program Committee and Coaches Coordinator, Graduate 2008 Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance Advisory Committee C-Chair Fairfax County Region Four Human Services Network Nonprofit NoVA, Chair Program Committee and Steering Committee Martin Luther King Christian Church, Co-Chair Evangelism, Sunday School Teacher Fairfax County Alliance for Human Services Board Past Chair Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce Community Service Committee

• Work with apartment owners to market and leverage the value of renting in Reston.
• Increase participation by renters in Reston Association and improve communication to
apartment owners and residents from Reston Association.
• Develop diverse leadership and volunteers to be a part of Reston Association.
• Work with community to develop policies that ensure the financial health of RA.
• Ensure community is engaged in the long-term planning for Reston.


  1. I recall hearing that as little as 5% of Reston residents use the tennis facilities, so I think that it's far from "un-Reston" to not play tennis any more than it's "un-Reston" to not play basketball or to not use any of the other facilities. I hate to see tennis as the cornerstone of a candidate's platform--

    I like the experience of Mr. Ganesan, does anyone know him?

  2. Sigle's dulcet buttery voice will probably lull me over to his camp.

    I do like Jason Carlo the native son because I need to stick to my roots and support the Old-Guard.

    It is a toss up between those two for HCKD.

    65% Carlo (gotta love the EMT exp.)
    35% Sigle (he has an MBA!)

  3. Tennis? Feh. There goes his South-of-the-Toll-Road vote.

  4. Played management buzzword bingo with the statements. Ganesan wins: multi-disciplinary, leveraging, results-oriented....

  5. I I feel that the trolls and regulars here at this filthy web have really let me down. Since no one is really sharing their views on the candidates, I actually have to watch this stuff and come up with my own opinion.

    To save the rest of you from this fate . . . .

    Tall Oaks Survivors check out 1:10

    Gavesan: - Indoor Tennis Yes, Now which doesn't fit with his fiscal responsibility platform. No increase in density outside of metro areas.

    D'Sousa - A Dad. Running for Preservation of Reston and stands on Simon's original founding principles which in the last election meant supporting higher density - what, not aware of that?

    Carlo - Really would love to vote for this guy: “one reston - restistance is futile” bikes to work, buys organic milk (for the wrong reason - it lasts longer because it is ultra-pasteurized, not because it is organic), Is there anyway we can steal his tennis racket and get him to take up some obscure outdoor winter sport?

    Smooth Sigle - Most likely will drag me into vote for him. Over-communication is his buzword. Did not mention anything about higher density in existing areas. Tell us what you really think.

    John George - mentioned the word "Poll" (does that mean another expensive consultant study?) regarding tennis. If the members want it and it is affordable. OMG, a fiscal conservative? Hummm. Actually knew a name of one of the forbidden invasive plants.

    Rees - Had some good points. Basing solely on these videos, Hunter Woods has a difficult choice to make.

    Hate to be a Rip Van Winkle, take off a few months and it seems that indoor tennis facility with its $4 million price tag is a done deal. Didn't think a juice bar was that popular - there is one right next door to the Grill.