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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meanwhile, in the Anti-Reston: Herndon Plummets to #3 in Obscenity

evil spock.jpegFirst, they elected a slate of people unlikely to appear on Fox News. Then, they went after the pyromaniac bartenders. Has Herndon become a kinder, gentler version of the progressive, welcoming community we've come to know and, um, live near?

As further evidence of this unanticipated shift, Business Week just ranked Herndon #3 in its annual list of the most obscene cities in America. That may not sound so great, but last year our neighbor to the west ranked first nationwide in obscenity. Apparently, these highly scientific rankings aren't based on the presence of businesses like this one, but rather the words used in Google searches made within the city. (Maybe people are Googling "ways to get rid of the immigrants" instead of "ways to get rid of the #*&(@! immigrants" these days.)

Sadly, Reston, ranked 5th in 2009, didn't even make this year's list of the nation's most obscene cities. Just wait until the RA Board elections start back up again, though.

What's the new #1, most awesomely obscene city in the nation? None other than our favorite particleboard Vahalla to the west, Ashburn! Guess those pristine, one-side brick-front McMansions aren't quite as nice as they seem from the outside.


  1. As Joe Biden might put it, "That's one bleepin' big deal for Ashburn!"

  2. Who gives a flying fuck about some some cum gargling, third world shithole that has more asshole beaners than it knows what to do with?

    There. That should help our statistics.

  3. IIRC, this has more to do with AOL and other ISP providers being located in the area.

  4. agreed, this article was clearly written by someone playing with google trends instead of doing real research.... doesn't say much for BI's standards.

  5. Wow, 4:35. Do you those words pass over the same lips that you use to kiss your children? Or maybe I should say, were those words tapped out with the same fingers you use to fondle your kids?

    Looks like Assnon needs to get the Prozac prescription refilled.


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