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Friday, July 30, 2010

Meanwhile, in the Anti-Reston: A Night on the Town

Wow, things really are different in Herndon.


  1. That is what the "progressive" elites want America to be in a nutshell - a land of non-white immigrants and debased white proles.

  2. Why is there only one Pole dancing? I thought that Pollacks do the Polka in pairs.

    And that Latin Swing thing. Maybe they should get a Greek Sliding Board or a French Jungle Gym to go with it

  3. Anonymous 5:42 pm:

    It takes a special talent to inject politics into a grainy picture of a sign, but if you insist, I'd say it was the conservatives who decided they no longer needed a middle class to support them, but rather a giant group of interchangeable proles they can pay ever less money as the job market continues its inexorable race to the bottom.

    The only difference between my interpretation and yours? The conservatives will also rail against the pole dancing establishments to keep their "base" voting against its own interest.

    That is all. Oh and ha ha ha, Herndon.

  4. You mean someone ACTUALLY took the time out to make that sign & post it ? Sad. Really , really sad.

  5. "I'd say it was the conservatives who decided they no longer needed a middle class to support them,"

    You suffer from the delusion that all Republicans are conservative. They're not. The elite Republicans - who are not conservative - have just as much contempt for the middle class - and for conservatives - as the elite Democrats do.

  6. Before you jump to all kinds of conclusions about the demographics involved here, perhaps some facts.

    The sign is for the "Dance With Me" dance studio, located at 251 Sunset Park Drive (a bit closer to Reston Town Center than to old town Herndon). See

    They offer classes in ballroom-style cha cha, rumba, samba, and the like, which is the ultimate in fogey whitebread upper-middle-class dance (geez, it is what the country club set danced in the 1950s). Just take a look at the photos at

    They also offer pole dancing classes (not performances or exhibitions, but women-only classes), which are advertised as an alternative to zumba, Jazzercise, and other exercise routines (i.e., something for yuppies obsessed with body image). The classes are $160 per 8-week session - pretty steep for proles!

  7. Men aren't allowed to participate in these pole dancing classes?!? Never in my life have I seen such a naked display of misandry! "Dance With Me" should be ashamed of itself.

  8. this "restonian" is a joke...are you trying to be funny?


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