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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spies Like Us: 'Massive' DIA Lease in Reston Town Center Replaces One Group of Spooks With Another

spies_like_us.jpgThe Defense Intelligence Agency plans to consolidate many of its operations, which probably include strapping torpedos to dolphins and stuff, in a undisclosed location office park adjoining Reston Town Center, which sharp KGB types evildoers could probably find on a map.

The Defense Intelligence Agency has signed a 523,482-square-foot lease at Boston Properties’s Patriots Park in Reston Town Center, with plans to fill the entire two-tower property by 2013.

The agency, which works with the Pentagon on intelligence about foreign threats, will take space in the offices at 12310 and 12300 Sunrise Valley Drive under a 20-year lease and will gradually move into it, starting with 270,000 square feet in 2012. DIA workers will move into the remaining 250,000 square feet in May 2013.

DIA’s headquarters will stay at Bolling Air Force Base in D.C. The agency will roll other national offices, including posts at the Pentagon and 3100 Clarendon Blvd. in Arlington, into the new space as part of the Defense Department’s ongoing efforts to consolidate many of its leased and owned properties nationwide.
Others have written about the influx of shadowy intelligence types, but thanks to the Washington Post advertising supplement, we know that Reston is already full of them.

The DIA is actually taking space currently occupied by the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, which we guess must use fancy black ops helicopters, or satellites, or maybe Google Earth or something, to track the aforementioned bomb-toting dolphins. So in reality, we're just replacing one secretive, alphabet soup intelligence agency with another. So don't be surprised when your neighbors are abruptly "disappeared" and replaced with near-perfect replicas with convincing, if not completely watertight, back stories. Just nod politely when you go out to pick up the newspaper and go about your business.


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