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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spies Like Us: This Post is TOP SECRET

spies_like_us.jpgThe Washington Post, which according to some recently declassified information is a "news-paper," has been running all week this big investigative report saying we all have TOP SECRET clearances and are all spying on each other or something, which is, well... yeah. Don't these people live here?

Anyhoo, the Post apparently got its hands on a computer with Internet access and managed to Google Google Maps, because they found 50 companies working on TOP SECRET projects in Reston. In case there are any highly competent Russian spies out there who take a minute away from friending each other on Facebook, here's the complete list, plus this handy TOP SECRET MAP.


Now that you've looked at this TOP SECRET map, please to be sure to print it out, cut the printout into tiny pieces, and then swallow every last one of them. Thanks. Now if you'll excuse us, our shoe phone is ringing.


  1. Akin to hiring one plumber write up the trouble ticket and having twenty others read the same report and bill you for it.

    Is Douglas Feith's Pentagon office still functioning in this capacity of filtering all field reports?

  2. How fortunate that we can always rely on the Post to do what's worst for our nation's least they're consistent.

  3. @9:43,

    That idiot has been out of office now for FIVE YEARS. Get over the Feith Derangement Syndrome already!

  4. They still crank out the propaganda.

    Times Sq bomber had a defective bomb. The propaganda machine now says it was intended that way to elude detection and proves the bomber was smart. LOL


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