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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shocker: Metro Silver Line Possibly Delayed Until March 4, 2014

PH2007101501531.jpgWe were shocked -- shocked! -- to hear that the first smoking track fire on wheels to roll into the Reston Wiehle Metro station has been unofficially delayed by three months.

The construction of the first part of Metrorail's Silver Line into Northern Virginia has been unofficially delayed by three months but officials say their schedule is not falling off the tracks -- yet.

December 2013 has been the target date for when passengers would be able to ride Metro an additional 11.5 miles into Fairfax County, to Tysons Corner and the eastern edge of Reston.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which is overseeing the Silver Line construction, is now projecting Metro's doors will open March 4, 2014 -- a 90-day delay from the official start date in December 2013.

Marcia McAllister, an MWAA spokeswoman, said that official December date has not changed but that the projected date -- used internally for planning purposes -- has indeed been moved back, noting that "there is more than enough time to make up the difference and open in December."

McAllister said the construction timeline is behind schedule primarily due to February's massive snowstorms, which "substantially impacted" the construction work being done by contractors.

Meeting the December deadline had also been thrown into jeopardy because of lingering issues between Metro and MWAA over the cost of rail cars, which are set for delivery in November 2013, a month before the subway's scheduled opening.
At this pace, the Silver Line will nose its way into the particleboard subdivisions of Loudoun County by... well, never.


  1. The pace at which they seem to be constructing the aerial guideway construction seems way to slow. It takes them several weeks to complete one section (100 feet, as judged speeding by at 60 M.P.H.), and at this pace I really don't see them finishing up by 2013.

  2. First July 2013, then December 2013, now March 2014. How about January 2025...that way when it gets opened they exceed expectations. Shall we?

  3. I remember going to some event years back where Cathy "Huggybear" Hudgins said the toy train would be pulling into RTC by 2010.

    At this point, I think they should forget the expensive railcars Metro wants, and just have Thomas the Tank Engine huff and puff along the Toll Road median - all the kids would love it. Plus, it would probably get more riders.

    Imagine if you pulled into the Wiehle Avenue station, and instead of seeing another mall cop-patrolled development with cheesy chain stores and tasteless grilled chicken sandwiches, you saw Sir Topham Hat standing there with a monocle, giving orders to the first railcar as it arrived from Tyson's West. That would be a toy train worth a $5 hit everytime you drove through the toll plaza.

  4. Don't you know anything, David? Gordon and Henry are the main line express engines although Henry sometimes pulls freight.

    Considering James' attitude, though, he would probably fit better in Reston, even if his bright red coat of paint isn't on the palate of approved colors.

    (I never liked the name Wiehle. Maybe we could change it to Maithwaite?)

  5. We need to get this thing built so my house value will go up 200% and demand to live here will be so great that I can sell it and pay for my fantasy retirement someplace where they don't care WHAT color your house the islands...

  6. Anon 9:27 PM - Amen brother! or sister.

  7. I'm waiting for the completion time on Phase I to reach the completion time for Phase II: 2016.

    ...and I'm doubting that this is a fixed price price contract, so the more time it takes, the more we pay in taxes, tolls, whatever


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