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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Inconvenient Truth (or Dare): Gore To Visit Reston

images-1.jpegZOMG, the rumors are true. Famous documentary filmmaker and tabloid darling Al Gore will be attending a fundraiser for Rep. Jim Moran, somewhere in Reston, sometime before the election on Sunday. Awesome!

His handlers would be best advised to keep him away from our denuded streambeds and certain Sterling businesses, lest he unplug himself from the Internet backbone buried under our community and go on a rampage, or maybe show people a lengthy powerpoint presentation against their will or something.


  1. Does anybody know where and when on Sunday? I would like to ride my bicycle over to see Al in Concert.

  2. It's at 1740 Dressage Drive according to the flyer that was linked in the news article. 4 pm for VIP's, 5 PM for us commonfolk

  3. @anon 3:54,

    Don't feed the trolls.

  4. Al's a free man now, he can visit any "Sterling business" he wants. Listening to him talk is bad enough, paying to do so....I'd rather eat the blandest grilled chicken sandwich ever to come out of the ATR kitchen.

  5. LOL at the idiots stupid enough to give Moran money. In addition to the fact that he's a corrupt shill swimming in money from military contractors and other special interests, he's in one of the safest seats in Congress. That guy couldn't get thrown out of office if he tried, and he's certainly not going to lose because the local yokels don't give him money.


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