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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Inaugural Selection of the Restonian Book Club (tm)

mauve the book.jpg

Confidential Restonian operative "Diane" sent us the link to this facsinating book. Perhaps our reading comprehension skills need some work, but we got to page 75 before we figured out that the guy on the cover is not Bob Simon. Who knew that the discovery of the world's first synthetic dye in 1856 would result in color swatches and DRB violations? Ponderous.

So um, yeah, let's all read this "book" thingy and talk about it. Or just like most book clubs, we could pretend we read it and make stuff up, like how Queen Victoria commanded that the new color be made "more earth toney." Much like a lesser known book club, we're sure our ringing endorsement will make Mauve: The Book fly off the shelves, skyrocketing from its current 99,804 ranking on Amazon to somewhere in the high 98,000s. You're welcome.


  1. I liked the part on p. 187 where Ye Olde DRB of London Towne wrote up Westminster Abbey for using the wrong shade of burnt ochre.

  2. Walter Reed This BookSeptember 22, 2010 at 1:15 PM

    It REALLY must be flying off the shelves. has only three left in stock.

    I particularly liked this sentence from Amazon's review of the book: "Soon, the streets of London erupted in what one wag called the 'mauve measles.'"

    The mauve measles probably rank right up there with Ebola Reston as our own special contribution to infectious diseases.

  3. It's flying off the shelf because Amazon only stocked 3 to begin with?

  4. Who will be first to snatch up the Reston library's copy?

    667.2 G for the Dewey Decimal freaks among us.

  5. I love that the circles on the Mauve book cover are the same size and arrangement as the circles on the wallpaper of this blog


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