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Monday, September 20, 2010

On The YouTubes: A Flash Mob Assaults Lake Anne

Don't pinch yourself -- you suddenly haven't been magically teleported back to Park Slope, Brooklyn, ca. 2007, or maybe another place where lots of hipsters with fixed-gear bikes live. Our very own farmer's market at Lake Anne was beset entertained by a "flash mob" on Saturday morning, when a group of about 30 Reston residents, who had been practicing in secret for more than a month, congregated for a spontaneous dance to the Band classic, "The Weight."
The event was organized by Teri Westbrook, a Lake Anne resident.

"I have been a dancer all my life," Westbrook said. "I participated in a flash mob in Washington, DC, in early spring, and it was so much fun. We practiced on and off for about four weeks. We had to do a lot of different rehearsals to accommodate people's schedules.

After the dance portion, the mob sang the song "Red Rover," with the lyrics changed to be a tribute to the farmers market.
Actually, this is all kinds of awesome. More of this kind of stuff, please.

Update: Our favorite correspondent, The Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston, shares a glimpse of what a future flash mob at the Wiehle Avenue Metro station might look like, minus the fancy architecture and the smoke from various track fires.


  1. Wow.. Restonian is turning into the patch, all soft, mushy and full of PTA mom sentiments.

    Has your BFF relationship washed all sarcasm out the door?

    for shame....

  2. See more on Patch? See more on Patch?

    Is Restonian a competitor or a quisling?

  3. We must have just missed it! We were there that morning.

  4. Seriously, please stop referring to Patch, sounding like Patch, and talk like a patch lady. If we liked that we would have read the RA newsletter.

  5. I love that Patch has so discombobulated all the haters! Positive stories about what's happening in our community-how infuriating!
    Crazy wacky idea-how about if you don't like Patch you don't read it-you know, kind of like most people do with the comic strip Cathy or (wait for it) this filthy web blog.

  6. Kudos to you, previous Anony. I will buy you a half-cafe, skinny, venti, latte after the PTA meeting.

    Signed, Patch Lady.

    Everyone else - you're just mean.

  7. No one hates the Patch. Cool off. We are against the Restionian sounding like one. How would you feel if the Washington Post adopted the USA Today editorial style? The Restonian has some very loyal following that expects the satire and sarcasm about our beloved Reston. The kind and positive news we will read on Patch.

  8. Don't worry, Restonian ain't lost its sardonic streak by a long shot. Gene Weingarten is looking anxiously over his shoulder.

  9. Anon 9:12-How did you know what I get at Starbucks? Amazing!
    Anon 10:20-"How would you feel if....?" You're taking very seriously a filthy web blog that doesn't take itself seriously because it refers to itself as a filthy web blog. Seriously.
    Anon 4:18-I'm with you, Restonian seems pretty much sardonic/snarky/sarcastic as ever. The comments are getting a little prissy though.


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