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Monday, July 26, 2010

First Earthquakes, Now Wind: Shocking Photos, Videos From Sunday's HELLPOCALYPSEWINDGUST 2010 (tm)

This shocking photo shows the wake of devastation after a 75 mph gust of wind blew threw Reston Sunday afternoon, causing immeasurable damage to diners' corporate expense accounts. For a while, the National Weather Service was also reporting a "roof collapse" on a parking garage on Fountain Drive, but this might be what they were thinking of. Elsewhere in the region, the storms killed two people, but here in Reston, there was this. Also, the lights apparently went out at Target for a while.

Here's an eyewitness video that captures the raw terror of being at Ground Zero, or at least some midscale retail emporium, mere yards from the Morton's awning. Skip ahead to about 2:00 for the "good" part.

Much like this cinematic classic, the critics were less than kind.
Wow great idea lets stand next to the GLASS door during a tornado warning. Who ever taped this must be a moron.
First, earthquakes, now dangerous gusts of winds. When did our favorite earth-toned community move to California?


  1. "blew threw"?

  2. I don't think there was a tornado warning around here, actually, but otherwise, why did he feel like he had to run out in the middle of a storm? And I'm shocked that the camera stayed working the whole time!

    We were lucky in that we didn't sustain any damage, although we did have some fairly hefty branches come down and a couple days after cleaning my yard of leaves, I have to do it all over again.

    We had friends who were biking back home on Whiele (to Falls Church!) from Watermine when the storm hit. Maybe I'm overly cautious, but I try to check the satellites on a fairly regular basis, since big storms like this can materialize fairly quickly around here! We saw it coming an hour or so before it hit and made sure to delay our outdoor activities until after...

  3. Mr. Filmmaker, did such language come from the same lips you use to kiss your mother?

    There's a huge branch down on the W&OD by the transformer farm just east of Temporary Road. That made for a nice bike ride this morning.

  4. Wow, the cameraman's vocabulary leaves a lot to be desired.

    Is he really so inarticulate that the only adjectives he knows are the gerund form of profanities?

    Get thee to a thesaurus, young man, before the business world decides you're uneducated and uneducable!

  5. some how Bush will be blamed for this weather.

  6. Anon 3:51 -- haven't you seen the commercials? It began with the flap of a butterfly's wings, somewhere in South America...

    I totally agree with the comments about his language -- no imagination!

  7. I just realized that Morton's is, with perfect irony, an anagram for No Storm

  8. Mr. Filmmaker actually lives in the Fake Down Town--he went into the Midtown North Condo. I wonder if he's a regular contributor? The poster's comment about him being a moron felt like it was Ok to say since maybe he was saying it about himself. I got got in the same storm and believe me, I was thinking those very same words as I was running as fast as I could for cover. There nothing like abject fear to squash your creative juices.


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