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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shocking Lack of Power Outages, Widespread Looting, Human Cannibalism in Wake of HellstormpocalypsemageddonOMG 2010 (tm)

Screen shot 2010-02-10 at 6.37.06 PM.jpg
Shockingly, as of 6:30 Wednesday night, this unlucky spot in Golf Course Island near Lake Anne was the one reported local power outage following the not-quite-blizzard-like blizzard winds. Now comes the fun of digging out!

Fortunately, a week of being cooped up with permanently truant school-age children and other assorted loved ones hasn't affected Restonians' "can do" spirit. A Restonian informant shared this touching story of the communal spirit overcoming adversity from earlier in the week:
Last night maintainence director at Springs@Reston was stopping vehicles from entering a section of the complex while plows/bobcats were busy removing snow; one resident didn't take kindly to the instructions, got out of his vehicle, and cold-clocked the maintainence director. Maintainence staff subdued the man and a gaggle of FFX Police showed to arrest te subject on two counts of battery.
Meanwhile, in Herndon, some people put together a bitchin' igloo, complete with tiki torches... which they had to extinguish when they realized they were melting the igloo. Snowpocalypses can be educational too!

If you still have power and have the tendency to be prematurely nostalgic, the Reston Association, the Observer and various intrepid photographers have endless photo galleries of snow-covered objects to scroll through while you wait for the snowplows to maybe come through for an indifferent pass of the ole' cul de sac.


We'll leave you with this picture of Dear Leader, nearly buried in the snow. On the bright side, the snowdrift is obscuring his gang colors, so it's all good.


  1. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)February 10, 2010 at 7:59 PM

    I hate being a Federal employee. I haven't had work since Friday! I miss work! :-(

  2. Oh, cheer up, BiCO. It could be worse. You could be a contractor and not get free days off. For me, this is all Leave WithOut Pay.

    I haven't been to work either since Friday last. I love my job too but, frankly, I don't miss it that much. I find the Missus and the kids infinitely more interesting. That, and watching people going through work withdrawal.

    I think I'm going to goof on my neighbor tonight and fill his sidewalk with miniature anatomically correct snowpeople. (What's that they say about idle hands?)

  3. Yes, could be MUCH worse! I work for a contractor and we do get paid when the federal gov't is off, and while I enjoy my job and enjoy family life, a normally extremely-energetic 4-year-old couped up in a house for most of a week is enough to make a young guy like yourself cry for mercy, so imagine the sheer exhaustion of her aging parents who also have to shovel snow for hours each day. Next snowpocalyptic event I'm seriously going to be considering traveling somewhere that is supposed to miss it, even if that's several hours away!

  4. We thought about that also, D. I wonder if there's a muave colored Mecca somewhere in Puerto Rico?

  5. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonFebruary 11, 2010 at 9:34 AM

    Forget Cleveland, Erie, and Buffalo...when weather forecasters talk about "lake effect snow", they are obviously referring to the previously unheralded Great Lakes of northern Virgnia -- Lakes Audubon, Thoreau, Newport, Anne, and Fairfax

  6. Just in from FCPS:

    Fairfax County Public Schools is working hard to re-open as soon as possible. Its staff are focusing on clearing sidewalks, walking paths, and parking lots at all of their schools. Transportation staff are clearing school buses so that they can resume service. A major challenge to re-opening schools is outside of the school system’s control and they need the help of individual citizens and communities. Specifically, students need safe walking paths to get to school bus stops and to schools themselves. Students need a safe place at which to wait for buses without having to stand in roadways. Since many individual residents are physically unable to clear a sidewalk or bus stop in front of their homes, this request may require that neighbors help neighbors. The school system asks for everyone’s help in clearing walking paths and bus stops so that students can get to school safely

  7. Sounds like a good argument for year-round school

  8. FCPS closed on Friday. WTF?!

  9. Given their plea for help shoveling sidewalks, I have a feeling FCPS will be closed again on Monday -- which was supposed to be a makeup day. Now they might have to make up the makeup day.

  10. FCPS won't open if kids can't walk on the sidewalks. Get to shov'lin folks.


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