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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meanwhile, in the Anti-Reston: Gun Shop Opens With an, Ahem, Bang

evil spock.jpegWhile us namby-pamby tree-hugging Reston metrosexuals are breathlessly anticipating the opening of a yarn shoppe at Lake Anne, our more rough-and-tumble neighbors to the west are celebrating their own newest retail establishment: a gun store.

When NOVA Armament, LLC, held its grand opening on Jan. 30, it drew a crowd that surpassed even its owners' expectations. Several dozen people, including Herndon Mayor Steve DeBenedittis and Town Councilman Dave Kirby, jammed into the small storefront at 795 Center St., formerly a vacant space below Tina's Hair Salon.

"I thought the snow would keep people away, but they really turned out," said Judy Rudek, a well-armed store employee who wears a Smith & Wesson Ladysmith .357 revolver in a leather hip holster while at the office.

"People came in and bought everything," she said. "We sold several guns and lots of ammo."
Lest you worry that Herndon's developing a machismo gap over our fair community, never fear: They've got massive weaponry for the ladies. And jewelry too!
Rudek says one of NOVA Armament's more unique aspects is its "Fairer Sex Section," in which several handgun carrying options -- both open and concealed -- are available for women. "The one question I get asked the most by customers is, 'How can my wife carry a concealed weapon?'" she said.

The store offers women several "on-body" and "off-body" options, from waist and shoulder holsters to purses with easy-access gun compartments. Earrings and other jewelry carved from empty shell casings are also on display.

"We plan on offering women more options than just pink guns and pink purses," Rudek said.
Awesome! Of course, some namby-pamby types are concerned about Herndon's image, which as we know, is already that of a progressive, welcoming community.
But some Herndon residents are less enthused about a gun store opening downtown.

Du said that on the store's opening day, he received an e-mail from a Herndon man who said he hoped the store's sales would be "disastrous" because the town did not need such a business.

Others, such as Carol Bruce, a former mayor, question the particular location of the store and the image it portrays to those visiting downtown.

"I respect the constitutional right of all law-abiding citizens to bear arms," she said. "However, I question the appropriateness of the location, which is across from the library and in an area frequented by children. I also have serious reservations about the image that a gun store projects for our town."
If conceal-carry enthusiasts can enjoy a meal at Champps without anyone complaining, they ought to be able to go to the library to pick up the latest Glenn Beck oeuvre. Right?


  1. I went to high school with one of the owners. Phenomenal dork then, now a phenomenal dork with a gun fetish. Check out the testimonials on the store's website. I hate to give them web traffic, but the testimonals are, uhm, pretty darned special.

  2. Get with it, people. Don't you see that we are loosing the arms race with Herndon? With this fancy Metro that's coming to a Town Center near you, it's just a matter of time before our well-armed neighbors to the west own our unlit streets at night.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, a Rod and Gun club at Lake Anne Village Center.

  3. Am I missing something here? Is there something wrong with a gun shop? Why would anybody object to a gun shop? Is the ex-mayoress suggesting that those icky guns might push our children into the seedy ranks of say - The Marines?

    Here's a thread from the Open Carry Forum on the new shop - they have a great deal - find a wholesale source (catalog/website) for a firearm that you want and they'll process the order including background check and paperwork for a modest fee. In a sense then their inventory is infinite...


  4. Meanwhile, in Columbia, Maryland, a resident stole a front-end loader and used it to clear his and other driveways.

    That's the can-do spirit Reston needs. Well, that and a road named Satan Woods, of course.

  5. One does wonder whether the equipment sitting idle in the stream restoration area might have been better used to . . . . move snow?

  6. I think we'll have a hard time getting the locals to accept a gun shop in Lake Anne Plaza with a children's fountain featured prominently in the center. Some nut's going to ask the clerk if he can try out the handgun, and the next thing you know, blood will come gushing out of the fountain and into the lake. Not a pretty sight.

  7. Carol, but don't you remember a story posted here reported on a new sign that prohibits children and pets from the fountain at Lake Anne. So there should be no problem now! I do think the Convict has a good point. Let's go sign some pacts with Ashburn so that we have some extra deterrence against those belligerent people on our border!

  8. Well Carol Bruce, what is wrong with taking our country back from Liberals like you? There are three gunshops in Mannassas. There is one in Chantilly and one in Leesburg. There is even a gunshow at the Chatilly Expo Center every three months. So get use to it because people are sick and tired of being victums of crime and violence.

  9. I don't understand what liberals have against guns. You have no problem letting "alternative lifestyle" types live amongst and be near your children, but you want to climb a tree, curl up in the fetal position and suck your thumb at the sight of a gun.

    We don't require a background check on someone who wants to purchase a car, yet more people are killed by cars than guns no matter how you slice it. Criminals steal cars and use them to run drugs - maybe we should outlaw cars.

  10. Interesting article. Gotta love the Reston / Herndon "rivalry". However, I couldn't help but detect a note of sarcasm on the viability of a gun store in Herndon. Here are a couple of questions for you:

    Have you been down to the store to check it out? I ask because it sounds like you just quoted from the Fairfax Times article and being a blogger, have just read about something that someone else did and commented on it.

    Have you spoken to any of the customers to ask how they have been treated and what they think of the store?

    Have you had an education about firearms that tells you how they don't have the magical ability to leap up and cause mayhem?

    Have you spoken to the owners to see why they decided to open a shop in Herndon of all places?

    I suggest more investigation and less wisecracking. Give them a call.

  11. "in an area frequented by children"

    Hmmmm, is there an area in the lower 48 states that is NOT "frequented by children"?

    Guess the gun shops need to be on an offshore island or something...

  12. Hello there, wanted to say hello and invite you to come down to the store and speak to us, the owners, about any concerns you might have or to see our inventory.

    Nice Blog BTW, I grew up in Reston and I am getting "Deja Vu".


  13. @VaGunForum: Real Liberals like me don't have a problem with the RKBA. Matter of fact, we embrace it.

    @NOVA Armament: I like your store and your premise. May you make a whole lot of money doing what you guys like to do.

    - Cowboy T (a San Francisco Liberal)


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