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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Shoes, Snow Shirt, Snow Service: Another 8-16 Inches of White Death To Fall From Indifferent Sky


As we prepare for yet another round of snow, wind, downed trees and human cannibalism general inconvenience, please to be enjoying this picture of snow cleanup efforts in Hickory Cluster. From this nearly godlike vantage point, we see how insignificant our futile efforts are in the face of nature's awesome power. Dance, tiny ants, dance!


Meanwhile, someone put a sweater on the donkey at Lake Anne Elementary. Awww... cute! When the grocery stores all collapse from the snowpack on their roofs, we can boil it down to a tasty pulp and smear it over our last slice of bread.

Know fear. And, as always, share your snow-related tales in the comments.


  1. I have some more pictures from Snowmageddon 1.0 if you're interested:

  2. Last night maintainence director at Springs@Reston was stopping vehicles from entering a section of the complex while plows/bobcats were busy removing snow; one resident didn't take kindly to the instructions, got out of his vehicle, and cold-clocked the maintainence director. Maintainence staff subdued the man and a gaggle of FFX Police showed to arrest te subject on two counts of battery.

    Quite entertaining -- snow brings out the best in all of us right?

  3. How are the flat roofs holding up at Hickory Cluster? We considered buying there, and the roofs were one of the things that scared us off. Do those need to be shovelled off everytime it snows?

  4. The roofs are holding up well. Concrete and steel structures are quite strong. I don't shovel every time it snows, but when there is a mega-dump like we had, with another on the way, I chose to shovel the roof. I also shoveled it in December. I'm hoping that we dont get too much tonight and I don't have to go back up again on Wed or Thurs.

    The photo hardly does our efforts justice. Where the plow could not get to, we all pitched in and shoveled it out by hand. It was one of those 'community' moments when you are gald that you live in a nice neighborhood with kindly folks who help each other out.

  5. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)February 9, 2010 at 7:45 PM

    I'd just like to echo Knuckle Duster's commentary. In nearby Charter Oak we all really pitched in to help one another. I shoveled my car out, then I helped a couple with a minivan shovel off theirs while a snow plow took a quick swipe to clean out their spot for them. Then the van got stuck on the ice. As the man gunned it his wife, myself, and two other neighbors---a male around 30 and a woman in her 40s---both pitched in to push him right back into his spot. I then went over and tried to help the 40-something woman dig out her car, but my efforts were futile since she was already almost done. I posted dozens and dozens of pictures from all over Reston onto my Facebook, and I've had people commenting from all over the country. A car in Charter Oak was heavily damaged by a huge falling tree branch. Sadly MANY trees in our community are damaged, and many more will be coming down with tomorrow's high winds I'm sure. I lent a man my shovel, and he actually returned it! Chivalry actually pays off, too. The couple with the minivan and I pulled back into our parking spaces at the same time today, and we actually chit-chatted a bit---normally most in my complex just scurried back-and-forth between their vehicles and their abodes trying to avert eye contact. This storm brought out a lot of good in people.

    North Shore Drive, Temporary Road, Moorings Drive, and Village Road remained untreated and barely passable (as of several hours ago), and today while out and about (as a native of the PA mountains I'm no stranger to snowy travels) I found myself pushing several people out of several inches of the rutted slush that VDOT decided they didn't want to plow. A man in a red Mercedes-Benz with FL plates tried turning from North Shore onto Temporary and became horribly stuck. The woman in front of me and myself both stopped to try to push him free. In the end he just had to give up though and turn around. Anyone know when VDOT plans to start plowing streets in Reston?

  6. I retract what I said to Convict in that other snow thread. There's just no way of getting down the street without walking in the road. I had to do it yesterday, and all the drivers seemed cool with it. Would be weird if some chode in an SUV made a big deal out of it.

    Sorry, Convict.

  7. The lights are flickering in South Reston.... and the wind is just starting to pick up.

    Should have bought that Tesla coil when I had the chance.

  8. Day 6: I'm tired of this s***.

  9. While I'm experiencing snow snowmageddon-fatigue like the rest of you, I'm trying to look on the bright side with this one:

    happened in the middle of the week, so no going into work

    gives us the chance of getting the all-time annual snowfall record

    More cool stuff to photograph.

    Honestly at this point my main concerns are more downed trees, collapsing roofs, and the drudgery of more shoveling (this time I'm putting it off until after the snow subsides). But heck, after this is all done we can all regale our grandchildren with tales of surviving the great Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon of the 09-10 winter. Of course by then snow will be so rare in the continental US that it will be even more impressive to them! ;-)

  10. Don't forget Snoverkill, today's blizzard.

  11. I took a walk to Safeway at HWSC this morning. There's no milk and only some organic vegetables left. All of the organic eggs are gone.

    The Chinese restaurant was open. So was Rite Aid although the pharmacy was closed. Burger King, you need to get your act together and open for business, you bunch of sissies.

    Good news, though. Other than me and the kids, there were no crazies out on the road, although I did see one family (man, woman and car-seated child) slipping and sliding along South Lakes in their older model Camry.

    I think I'm going to take a post-lunch nap -- and it's only Thursday. Life is good. I could get very used to this.

  12. Convict,
    Your blizzard induced torpor has your brain addled.

    It is Wednesday. (aka day 6 of the Snowverkill Snowpocolypce, Snomageddon)

  13. Hickory Cluster had a flat roof collapse, but it was their underground garage.

  14. It collapsed with some help from the county condemning it and requiring the cluster to have it demolished. Nice to see the troll is not letting the blizzard get him down.

  15. The 7-11 at Rt. 7 and Reston Avenue just got re-stocked! Good for everyone working, my crews, and the plow crews.


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