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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some Politics are Local: The 2010 RA Board Slate of Candidates

The slate of candidates running for the Reston Association Board is now official. A total of four people are running for an at-large seat, while three people apiece are running for seats representing North Point and Lake Anne.

Their statements are really long, so clicky through to the jump to read on:

At-Large Director Candidates
1. Rod Koozmin
11571 Embers Court, Reston, VA. 20191 Home: (703) 620-1058 Emails: ;

I sharpen scissors and knives at farmer’s markets and hair salons. Scissors and knives become dull and unusable over time. Restoring these tools to work like new saves time and money for the discriminating cook or hair stylist. If elected, I will bring this spirit of resourcefulness and economy to the Reston Association (RA). I want the RA to serve citizens with less expense and more efficiency, to continue fulfilling Robert Simon’s vision of Reston as the best place on the planet to live, work, and play! With that in mind I served on the Reston Citizens Association as a Director and supervised the meeting that resulted in the information packet ”Methods of Obtaining and Sharing Information in the Reston Area.” I currently serve on the RA Neighborhoods Advisory Committee and as an Assistant leader for Hypothermia Week.

To be a community, it is essential that Reston have open and accessible lines of communication that go both ways. Unfortunately, RA currently limits communication to one way institutional communication. I favor improving our electronic communications including creation of an online forum where citizens can both receive information about the Association’s work while offering their opinions on current projects under consideration to help the board understand and address the needs of citizens. This could be largely self-supporting and be helpful for Reston businesses.
• I will advocate for the RA to spend some of its current $1,200,000 budget for computers and communication for this citizen communication.
• I favor more decisions being made by referendum WITHOUT board input. • I will never vote for expensive feasibility studies without a clear mandate from the people of
Reston. I am here to work for you and humbly ask for your vote.
Reston Association Elections Committee 1 2010 Candidate Statements Review February 4, 2010

2. Joe Leighton
2033 Approach Lane, Reston, VA 20191
Home: (703) 453-0434 Email:

1. 2007 To Present At Large RA Board Member Current member of the RA Fiscal Committee. Very proactive in advocating a more effective financial
approach with RA deposited funds, Result increased return of $150,000 annually
Introduced a resolution which made all of our recreational facilities non-smoking
2. 2000 to 2006 South Lakes District RA Director
Was an effective communication conduit between the officers of South Lakes Cluster and RA Staff
Ran the first ever South Lakes District meeting with two way dialogue as a result of member input positive changes were made to the Governing Documents
Help to pass the Nature Center referendum
3. President of Wethersfield Cluster Association 2000 to present
Improved services to our members with little or no increase in dues
4. Treasurer of Arch 2005 to present
5. RMAG 2006 to 2008; an organization which did bus, auto, pedestrian and bicycle improvements around metro stations

Act independently by listening, acting and voting based on RA members’ input; Promote RA Board efforts to impact high-density development in Reston:
a. Convey RA benefits so developers of RCIG (Dulles Corridor) join RA, increasing membership revenue and enabling essential oversight by Design Review Board (DRB);
b. Pursue alternatives with developers, county executives and planners to ensure compatibility and integration of RCIG development within Reston;
c. Protect the 13 persons per acre limit for Reston constraining undesirable development in established neighborhoods;
d. Insist that transportation and new infrastructure are planned and funded to preserve quality of life.
Oppose annual dues increases more than 2.5% or inflation. Advocate for enhancing youth sports, recreation and open space:

Lighted ballfields in RA and RCIG; Successful referendum for indoor tennis without increase of member dues; Master plan for Brown’s Chapel Park to invite and enhance family use.

3. David Robinson
1622 Bennington Hollow Lane, Reston, VA 20194 Home: (703) 707-0909 Office: (203) 512-1974 Email:

• Restonian since 2006; committed to Reston and its future
• Past Board Member of the Devonshire Cluster Association
• Co-Chair Reston Association Parks and Planning Advisory Committee
• Corporate liaison for strategic and technical solutions with the USPS
• Board Member for Industry leading Postal Commerce Association (PostCom)
• Communications team leader for the Universal Postal Union’s International Addressing Standards
• Mentor, BeFriend-A-Child Program
• Coordinator, corporate sponsored Washington Mystics literacy partnership
• Volunteer Judge for the National Foundation of Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)
• Methodical in approach to decision making and problem resolution, with focus on short and long term impacts of decisions considered.
• Proven record at working effectively as a team member towards common goals

To work collaboratively with colleagues on RA’s Board to serve the short and long-term needs of the Reston community. One example would be to support the community in its growth and development during Reston’s rail system implementation. More specific goals are as follows:
• Maintain the character of Reston – a place to Live, Work, Play and Get Involved!
• Continue exploring viable options of additional recreation for Reston
• Increase the outreach of communication to Reston citizens so they are well informed of matters of importance to them.
• Maintain vigilant attention to Reston’s financial health to balance the quality of life for residents of all ages, use assessment monies wisely.
• Support decisions that are made in consideration of the initial concepts for Reston designed by Robert Simon four decades ago.

4. Patrick Shipp
11408 Running Cedar Road, Reston, VA. 20191 (703) 673-6206 Email:

As an employee of the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, I have had the opportunity to work on several large projects. I assist the Golden Field Office with development and implementation of their Ten-Year Site Plan, as their Projects Liaison to Headquarters. When the President signed off on ARRA, I reviewed State and local grant applications to ensure that their plans were within the limits of the funding and provided long-term “Green” results. I was the Project Manager for the development of the tracking and analysis system that is being used to ensure that all Grantees are meeting their grant requirements. Currently, I am detailed to DC Public Schools, supporting the development of their Master Facility Plan, specifically involved in energy use analysis and Green facility initiatives.
I have proudly served two tours in Iraq, where I supported stability operations in Baghdad and Taji.

I am interested in two very prominent issues: The Reston Master Plan revision, and the addition of the Wiehle and Town Center metro stops. These two events will shape Reston’s future for the next 50 years. Planning is crucial to development that maintains the exceptional quality of life here. I support phased, mixed use development. This development should maximize density around Reston’s Urban Core. With two metro stations, there is new opportunity for public/mass transportation. With these stations and development, there will also be increased traffic. A fully funded plan that will relieve traffic around these stations is critical to successful development of surrounding commercial and residential space. Finally, any revision to the Master Plan must be comprehensive and support the whole of Reston, including open space, not just the urban core. It is my goal to ensure that Reston’s future is guided by its fundamental principal; “Live, Work, Play”.

Lake Anne/Tall Oaks District Director Candidates

1. Kevin Danaher
1795 Ivy Oaks Square, Reston, VA. 20190 Home: (703) 709-5283 Email:

A Reston resident since 1990, Kevin Danaher has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Ivy Oak Square Condominium Association for the last 12 years, 8 years as President and 3 years as Vice President. In addition to taking part in the fiscal management of the common area maintenance that includes the grounds and all exterior elements of the buildings, Kevin played a major role in the planning and execution of long term capital improvements to the Associations common areas. Professionally, Kevin is the Community Events Director for the Reston Community Center, and has leading responsibilities in signature Reston events including the Multicultural Festival, Reston Dr. Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration, Founder’s Day, and Reston Festival. Kevin also volunteers at his children’s schools as the Production Manager for the South Lakes High School Chorus and as the Book Fair Chair for Lake Anne Elementary School.

Since moving to Reston in 1990, the one constant that I have witnessed has been change. Reston Town Center opened and has been growing building by building over the last 20 years, Sallie Mae/Fannie Mae replaced the ruins of the Bowman Distillery, Plaza America, North Point Village Center and the Fairfax County Parkway opened, office buildings and a Target sprouted along the toll road, and the list goes on and on. Construction for Metro is now well under way as are the plans for the redevelopment of Lake Anne Village Center and the Fairway Apartments. The changes these projects will bring to Reston promises to be more profound than anything Reston has witnessed to date. My goals for the Reston Association are straightforward-continue maintaining the excellent programs, services and facilities already in place while anticipating and planning for changes that will surely occur in the coming years.

2. Ken Knueven
11432 Waterview Cluster, Virginia, VA 20190
Cell: (703) 203-2727 Email:

I have lived in Reston for over 20 years; presently residing in one of the original Clusters in the Lake Anne area – Waterview Cluster, and working in Reston as well.
For over 30 years, I have been instrumental in the development, growth, and leadership of global technology and services organizations. Presently, as Federal Programs Director for Microsoft Corporation, I manage major Policy and Program initiatives with senior leadership within the Federal Government, specifically focusing on Economic Revitalization efforts. My experience, leadership skills, and broad management capabilities will enable me to develop and maintain sound relationships and work co- operatively and respectfully with Reston Association’s President, the Board, and the Members.
Having worked with Federal, State and Local municipalities, I have a unique grasp of how citizens, industry, non-profit organizations and governments can co-exist.

I believe it is incumbent upon all of us to be responsible stewards of the principles on which Reston was founded, while continuously working toward a sustainable future that keeps us thriving.
I will:
• Defend the Reston Master Plan regarding open spaces – each and every open acre has a purpose,
• Strengthen Reston Association’s voice and involvement in Fairfax County’s Revitalization initiatives,
• Advocate to keep our neighborhood pools open and maintained, • Make Lake Anne’s RELAC issue a visible and important matter with Reston Association and Fairfax
• Introduce and promote transparency and accountability guidelines within the RA decision- making process,
• Preserve and enhance the Lake Anne and Tall Oaks strong sense of community,
• Strive to make the Lake Anne/Tall Oaks District a model against all others in Reston.

3. Guy L. Rando
1512 Inlet Court, Reston, VA 20190
Home: (703) 437-3456 Email:

I worked on the original Reston Master Plan and the first phase of construction for Lake Anne. I drew the maps that constitute the original Master Plan. I laid out the open spaces in our stream valleys. I received my Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University and did post-graduate work in Architecture at Columbia. I received a Fulbright to go to Italy to study art in urban spaces. I have been the principal for Rando and Associates and have lived on Lake Anne for over 40 years. Until recently I coached ice hockey for the Reston Raiders. I participated on the Lake Anne Revitalization Advisory Panel at which time I advocated and got 25% open space included in the text of the Lake Anne Comprehensive Plan Amendment. My children and grandchildren attended Lake Anne Elementary School. I am a member of Reston Citizen Association’s “Reston 2020 Committee.”

My goals in running for an RA Board position are to protect the financial interests of the homeowners of Reston and to represent those homeowners’ wishes. I intend see that open spaces, woodlands, streams, paths, and lakes are not exploited for the use of a few at the expense of the whole community. I intend to see that any redevelopment of Reston includes Planning Principles that respect Reston’s culture. I am opposed to the redevelopment of residential neighborhoods. I plan to fight against redevelopment projects that will degrade our lives with unreasonable levels of traffic. I support air rights development over the Dulles Toll Road and the Planning Principles drafted by the Reston 2020 Committee. I also plan to secure the rights of all RA board members to participate at Board Advisory Committee meetings and to attend all executive sessions and be fully engaged in the governing of Reston Association.

North Point District Director Candidates

1. Mike Collins
11408 Gate Hill Place, Reston, VA 20194 Home: (571) 969-4903 Email:

My wife and I moved to North Point from California two years ago to live near her parents. Now, we live, work and play almost entirely in Reston. Our sons (ages 5 and 3) attend Buzz Aldrin and LANK and I work from home. We’ve explored most of the 55 miles of paths and will eventually try all the pools, playgrounds and restaurants. We love the diversity, beauty, and convenience of this special place and stand committed to safeguarding its unique character.

Professional qualifications include:
• Studying City & Regional Planning at UC Berkeley
• Practicing law representing small and large businesses in construction and insurance matters
• Launching a technology and risk management consulting firm
• Hiring, training, and supervising employees
• Working in national, state and local government and politics
• Introducing the first homeowners associations at Habitat for Humanity
• Advising community economic development groups

Based on input and encouragement I’ve received from fellow young families and residents of all backgrounds, my goals include:
1. Bringing a fresh, young perspective to the Reston Association Board. 2. Engaging North Point’s cluster and condominium associations and residents to better understand the issues, concerns and ideas of my constituents.
3. Ensuring Reston Association is a strong advocate for its members when addressing further development in Reston and the region.
4. Preserving open space while prudently expanding recreational opportunities in Reston.
5. Advocating fiscal responsibility and accountability to avoid unwarranted increases in assessments
or fees.
6. Celebrating Reston’s cultural resources, diversity and tradition of innovation.
We are all in this together and I am excited to hear your concerns and ideas. Email me at or join me on Facebook at Mike Collins for Reston Association Board.

2. Peter Greenberg
1451 Waterfront Road, Reston, VA. 20194
Home: (703) 587-8090 Email:

I would like to use my background to help the Association be more focused on its Mission Statement and responsive to its members.
I’m a hotel owner and operator with 26 years of business experience, and have won national recognition for customer service excellence. Since the Association is predominately an organization that is in service to its members, those customer service skills can have a significant impact on all members of the association and RA Staff.
My degree is in Finance and I have outstanding financial management skills. The Association has serious financial challenges that I can assist in navigating.
I have 6 years experience as the Chair and Vice Chair of the Alexandria Convention and Visitors' Association. That experience, combined with the above mentioned skill set, makes me well qualified to be a productive and engaged member of the RA Board of Directors.

I have 4 goals for my work on the RA Board of Directors:
1. Work to make the RA Boards' activity more transparent and inclusive. It is imperative that a District Representative brings the concerns of the district residents to the board, and frequently informs the district residents of the board’s activities, intentions, and actions.
2. Work to make the RA Board adhere strictly to the RA Mission Statement.
3. Work to improve the relationships between RA Board, Staff, and Members through better internal and external customer service.
4. Be a guardian of fiscal responsibility.

3. Rengin Morro, PhD
1652 Sierra Woods Drive, Reston, VA 20194
Cell: (703) 609-6621 Email:

• Reston resident since 2004
• PhD, Public Administration and Political Science, 2003
• BS, International Relations and Economics, 1993
• Adjunct Professor, Conflict Resolution and Analysis, George Mason University
• Proven ability to arrange financing for and manage international projects
• Adept at controlling and lowering costs, efficient use of personnel • Strong analytical skills in public policy and management
• Proficient in building coalitions internally and externally
• Fluent in English and Turkish
Volunteer Work
• Member, Rosslyn-Fort Myer Rotary Club, 2003-2005
• Rotary International District Designated Funds Committee Member, Izmir, Turkey 1998-2002
• President,1998-1999; Secretary, 1999-2000, Kordon Rotary; Member, Ulus Rotary and Kordon Rotary Clubs, Turkey, 1993-2002
• European Rotaract Information Center Representative for Turkey, 1995-1997
• Activity Volunteer, Educational Volunteers Foundation, Turkey, 1993-2002
• Orphanage Volunteer, Social Services and Child Protection Agency, Turkey, 1993-2002
• Member, Bilkent University Alumni Club 1993-Present

I aim to maximize our community’s assets while respecting founder Robert Simon’s values and vision of Reston as a diverse, safe, environmentally friendly place to live and work. I want to mobilize the changing face of Reston: young parents with families from diverse, international backgrounds in bilingual or multilingual households! My focus will be:
Budget: Manage association resources with maximum fiscal responsibility. Try to freeze or decrease membership dues through creative alternative revenue within governing documents’ limits. Involvement: Knowing the value and satisfaction of community volunteering, work with Communications Committee to create online “involvement forums” for busy moms and dads with limited time who can contribute virtually.
Education: As a mother of a 5-year-old and an educator, advocate for a “Reston Shares” program to engage next generation leaders by matching them with experienced seniors to gain invaluable, real-life experience. Recreation: Seek to increase funding for family friendly recreational areas.


  1. So far the campaign is going relatively well. The only problem I worry is 80% of the people don't vote and I fear the other 20 won't understand me.

    Whew will it ever stop snowing!? But in general if you have electric and supplies it's been kind of fun, like a holiday when you don't have to pack or go anywhere just stay home with the family.

  2. Here's my comment to the Connection which was supposed to be under a hundred words. We candidates have just completed the above statements which had to be 150 words or less and tomorrow we will be given the opportunity to sum up our candidacy in a 20 second spot for comcast. Is it no wonder that I favor more lines of communication. No wonder most don't vote in the RA election; they are not given much oppertunity to learn much(except here on the Restonian):

    To try to establish two way communication both between the RA board and citizen to citizen communications. I feel this is essential for Reston community building. I became convinced of this during the Brown’s Chapel Recreation center in which I saw the board proceeding in a certain direction with very few citizens in agreement. We are most of us strangers to each other; this should not be. The Virginia legislature requires home owners associations to provide a means for its members to communicate with each other. We spend 1.5 million providing institutional information but nothing for its members to communicate.

  3. Hi Rod: Thanks for the sharpening tips in a previous comment. I bought me a new file at McLean Hardware. Are you running for an at-large board director or are you expanding your scissor-sharpening business, or both? Sounds good to me either way. I'm not running for anything but want expand my landscaping business while furthering DRB mulch conformity mandates. The funny thing is I live on Reston Avenue, but it's not part of Reston! Oy Vey! There are sure to be many new bushes and turf sections planted as Reston develops along the Silver Line, North Shore, etc. I'm in for progress! More turf = more mowers= more dull blades=more sharpening biz. -later

  4. Rod I think you'll be the one who will be the Restonian candidate.

    With so few participating in RA elections, if we got the Restonains to vote en bloc we'll run this non-town.

    BTW does this filty weblog endorse candidates?

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