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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Breaking: Dear Leader Statue Vandalized

Now what is Dear Leader doing, running with a tough crowd and getting all mixed up with gangs? Tuesday night, vandals defaced Robert E. Simon's statue and a variety of brutalist concrete adornments throughout Lake Anne Plaza, though many of them had been cleaned up by the time our anonymous contributor rolled through this morning with his fancy cellular phone camera. Beats the time the statue was stolen and found in a creek bed, but still pretty pathetic and low.


  1. Look out Robin, the Lake Anne/Tall Oaks area you represent (and live in)... is being overlooked, neglected, and now running amok...

    As the 67+ post thread below points out -- the potential for the Lake Anne Plaza area is huge ... good to know we focus on giving away our land for free, covered tennis courts, and bellying up to non-binding, non-paying RTC for the new Master Plan...

    Well done...

  2. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)January 7, 2010 at 12:57 PM

    Such a shame! I only personally met Mr. Simon once when he rescued me from a leather coat mishap at one of these newfangled "master plan" meetings at South Lakes High, but he seemed like a very nice person. Are we sure this is gang-related though? If so, then the folks in Northpoint must be shaking in their boots to see this activity bleeding north of the toll road.

  3. The Northpoint folks preserved Browns Chapel for the one real reason -- a moat to ward off the masses...

  4. Update: Dear leader has been cleaned!

  5. This whole episode gives me a great idea! This could be Reston's public art project, you know, like the panda's and donkeys and elephants in DC, globes in Chicago, etc. We could auction off paper-mache replicas of Dear Leader to local businesses and they could commission local artists to paint him in various ways, then they could be placed all over Reston. They could use the proceeds to build the indoor Req Center, or to redevelop Lake Anne! And it would be the first such project that actually also commemorated a person, and a living one at that! Huh? What do you think???

  6. No!! I am not really clean!! Use an RA pickup truck to get day workers from the Elden Street 7-11 or from the Park Street 7-11.Put those boys to work!


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