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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some Politics Are Local: RA-gate May Supplant Mojitogate as Election '09 Shocker

333539_107164623b.jpgFirst, Mojitogate rocked the political elite from the heart of Reston Town Center, definitively shifting the momentum in Virginia's governor race. Now, an equally shocking scandal is threatening to do the same to the race between longtime state delegate Ken Plum (D-Mauve) and neighborhood watch commandant Hugh "Mac" Cannon.

It's all very confusing, but it sounds like Cannon invited Plum to another debate, and when Plum backed out, Cannon sent out a snarky press release saying that Plum was spending time at some fancy place called "Tuckahoe Plantation in Richmond" and snubbing the Reston Association's invitation to discuss the issues. Now the RA is all like, "we never were going to sponsor a debate anyway, but just offered to provide some meeting space, and maybe a dozen or so of those awesome metal folding chairs."

Here comes the smackdown, courtesy of a press release:

"We in no way wish to make this appear that Delegate Plum turned Reston Association down, because Reston Association did not organize a debate, so we could not have invited either party." [RA President] Robin Smyers reiterated. "We are non-partisan and we simply made our community meeting space available, as we would for any community group."
On the other hand, the Plum campaign has not denied the accusations that he was not present at either the Lake Anne Jazzfest or Oktoberfest and therefore should be impeached immediately, the end.


  1. From the Uplands of RestonOctober 20, 2009 at 1:42 PM

    Plum is very used to the idea that he will be reelected, no mater what.

    His decisions over the years have left Reston poorer. Basically, every year since 1990, he has the same explanation for why most of Reston's tax dollars were sent to Richmond, never to return. It boils down to lack of effectiveness in political log-rolling.
    Plus, he turned down the chance to drill for oil off the Virginia coast, and let the revenues bump up everyone. Lack of revenue in the state has hurt everyone. For example, look at what North Sea oil has done for the Scottish and Norwegian art community.

    Second look at Cannon. Maybe a new guy will work harder for the entire community.

  2. VA would get the oil revenues like LA gets them.... they wouldn't.

    Though I guess drill baby drill is logic enough eh Uplands?

  3. Plum appears to support the "urban county" form of government which allows our county supervisor to dictate Reston's future instead of allowing residents to decide what Reston will look like in the next 20 years.

    I'd like another debate with Plum and Cannon where they address the real issue facing Reston: redevelopment and the county's plan to urbanize Reston.

  4. I usually vote for the incumbent because power in the legislature is based on seniority. But his own Democratic Party has dis'ed Mr. Plum. Some years back he was bumped from his (dare I say plum?) committee positions despite his seniority.

    That said, there seems no downside to electing a junior delegate to replace our senior one. At least we sould have a delegate that isn't activly seeking more gangs and more crime in Reston.

  5. The point is that Plum is nowhwere to be found in HIS district. He does not care about the 36th. He happens to sleep here occasionally and remind people how important he is because he happens to have a butt in a seat in the state legislature. What that butt is doing is the question. How about having someone willing to actually work for the people? Change is coming!

  6. From the Uplands of RestonOctober 26, 2009 at 5:56 AM

    It is in our own economic interest to replace Plum with Cannon. Fiscal responsibility and Plum do not really go together. Look at Michigan, Detroit, and especially California. It can happen here, it is starting to happen here, but we may have a shot at stopping out of control spending and over regulation. Looked at a lot of grim economic data this weekend.

  7. Today I was excited to see sign wavers for Cannon as I entered Reston near South Lakes Shopping Center. Tomorrow I hope to be among them. Democracy will win in Reston!

    Plum has just not been for democracy here in Reston he really has not. Elitism yes but democracy no. He distanced himself from the almost 5,000 Reston Citizens who signed the petition that Reston become a town be on the ballot to let citizens decide. He did nothing to help them but say a lot of mumbo jumbo. If 5,000 citizens signing a petition in Reston isn't democracy I don't know what is.

    The then "Reston Times" named the RCA board citizens of the year for our efforts to bring the town incorperation to the electorate.

    Cannon for Delligate!


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