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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gubernatorial Race Shocker: Reston at Epicenter of Mojitogate

mojito.jpgWhile we half pay attention to the ongoing gubernatorial race between, whazzit, that one guy from rural Virginia and that other dude, probably also from rural Virginia, with the forward-looking graduate thesis, little did we know that Reston has become the site of the biggest gaffe to date on the campaign trail. Read on to hear the shocking misstep State Sen. Creigh Deeds made while recently visiting the Reston Town Center:

The come-from-behind candidate, who convincingly trounced former national Democratic Party Chair Terry McAuliffe of McLean and popular former Del. Brian Moran of Alexandria in the June Democratic primary, was canvassing Reston Town Center when Isaac Lewis of Springfield leaned across a bar railing and asked Deeds if he’d join him and his friends at the bar for a “Mojito,” the traditional Cuban highball long ago made popular by author Ernest Hemingway. 

“What’s a Mojito?” state Sen. Deeds (D-Dist. 25) asked.

Shocker! Actually, the fact that Deeds didn't know the name of one of those annoying drinks you see hipster wannabees enjoying at Reston Town Center is a point in his favor in our books. But leave it to the folks at the Fairfax County Times to weigh in with a joke:
The candidate from Bath, the second least populated Virginia county, could at least never be faulted as George Allen, former Republican governor and U.S. Senator of Virginia, was for not knowing what the word meant and then using it inappropriately in a sentence, as in: “Let’s send those Mojitos back to Cuba!”
Hahahaha. We’ll leave the “news-papering” to the “experienced journalists” if they leave the jokes to the professionals.

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  1. Who knew? I thought mojito was the hair on your taint.


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