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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Breathless Anticipation of Fast Food Chain Justifies Existence of Twitter

Here's why Al Gore invented the Twitters:

Picture 1.jpg

Picture 3.jpg

You'd think 160 characters, mostly typed with thumbs and elbows while people are stuck in traffic on Reston Parkway, would scarcely suffice to capture the zeitgeist of our favorite earth-toned real estate development. But you'd be wrong.

For starters, you can totally find free stuff people are just giving away!
34 Free Floppy Disks (Reston, VA): 34 previously used but now clean assorted floppy disks.
Or if you still have one of those, whazzitcalled, "jobs" and some modicum of disposable income, you can go a bit more uptown:
Tibetan Wedding Tent for Sale
Other Twitterers share valuable fashion tips:
Story of my life! RT @bkreilly i need to remember it is ALWAYS windy in reston (and therefore shouldn't wear wrap dresses), eeek!
Still others apparently catch things we totally missed:
There's a giant monster robot marching through the streets of Reston. He's going to kill us all.(im not the only one who hears this, right?)
And others are completely clueless:
Accenture has asked me if I'd be Ok with moving to Reston, VA by mid-november. Is Reston near DC?
Here's an unintentional rebuttal:
I think claiming Short Pump as Richmond is like claiming Reston as Washington DC.
Some people need to get out of Reston a bit more often:
got a kick out of the escalator just for shopping carts at the 2-level Targets near DC. Didn't have one of those in Reston! Fancy...
Other Twitterers have something resembling a conscience:
The unemployment rate for my city is less than 3% and the median income is $84,000. Just confrims: Reston VA = Living in a bubble
Others have more pressing issues to deal with:
Stepped in human poop at the gamestop in Reston....I hope that is the only time in my life I ever tweet that.
Some folks have entered the lucrative microloan business:
Sherry, Reston VA, US has given loan amount of 950 to Clementina Danian, Lagos State, Nigeria. Reason: To purchase more foodstuffs
Others get disappointed about the wrong things:
i thought you found a Nudist Colony in Reston. Damn it...’
Finally, a comment from someone we can all agree with:

Picture 4.jpg


  1. The more I think about that new the more irate I become that the image on the left is of Las Vegas. Who made that website?

  2. Haha. Loves it. is such a crappy web site. You know they're just in it for advert money and don't give a hoot about anything else.

  3. Also, the new look is just as bad as the old one.

  4. is run by a company that owns the URLs to similar scrapeware "city sites" in such diverse locales as Albany, Hilton Head Island, and Park City, Utah. Oddly, they don't have a site in Vegas, which is what makes that craptacular piece of clip art all the more baffling.

  5. changed the vegas picture to guess what, A PICTURE OF TOWN CENTER (from what I can tell) , the people willed it!

  6. I think all comments here should be 140 characters or fewer.

  7. I tweet therefore I aren't


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