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Thursday, October 22, 2009

This and That: A Random Slither Through Reston News

  • SHOCKER: The proposed toll increases on the Dulles Toll Road were approved by two committees and will be put to a vote by its governing board on Nov. 4, despite public comments that ran 3 to 1 in opposition of the hike. No comment from the novelty oversized pig.

  • Loudoun County officials are thinking about asking the state to buy 4,100 acres of foreclosed land that was supposed to become a fancy particleboard planned community like Reston and turn it into a state park.

  • Reston-based Sallie Mae turned a profit for the first time in a gazillion billion years, thanks to an improving credit market. No word on whether its potty-mouthed executives offered a joyful expletive in response.

  • When does cutting door-to-door service and splitting a bus route translate into "increased coverage?" When you're talking about the Reston Internal Bus Service (RIBS). The proposed changes are supposed to reflect the elimination of Connector Route 556 and improve rush-hour efficiency, which even RIBS officials agree -- what's the word? -- "sucks."

  • Based on the ongoing series of jewelry thefts that appear to be targeting Indian families, Fairfax County Police are urging people to keep an eye on their valuables. Jewelry thefts in Reston, Sully and Fair Oaks are up 55 percent from the previous year, so that's probably a good plan.

  • Communications contractor Ericsson Federal Inc. is moving its headquarters -- and the extra 's' in its name -- from Texas to Reston. Expect more barbecue options to follow shortly afterwards.

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