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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On The YouTubes: Caught on Video! Reston Association Newscast Features Shocking Violation of RA Rules

We so look forward to the twice-monthly airings of Andy Sigle's soothing dulcet tones, and in that regard, this new "vi-deo" from the Reston Association doesn't disappoint. But re-airing its previous -- and terrifying -- video about deadly copperhead snakes was somewhat disappointing. It's too early in the fall for reruns! Even this filthy "web log" is still in the midst of sweeps!

However, we did notice something far more terrifying than some stupid snake upon our second viewing. Study this image from the video's B-roll footage carefully. What's wrong with this picture?

Picture 1.jpg

You guessed it: white stone. Ruh-roh.

But this flagrant violation of DRB regulations only scratches the surface of this bimonthly video offering! There's a "nature tip," including shots of eight verboten invasive plants, plus a short story about how South Lakes High School students are getting involved in monitoring the results of the stream deforestation restoration process in Snakeden Branch. They would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for those meddling kids!


  1. Must-see TV! These clips actually aren't bad, but I did find it ironic that after the whole first part on copperheads, the next segment is all about...Snakeden Branch!

  2. love those "invasive species"

  3. I have realized that our dear Covenants Sarah has been sidelined by the powers that be - much like her alter-ego Sarah Palin. THEY are threatened - clearly, by the awesome beauty, wit and sheer radiant presence of these women. Reston believes she doesn't need us now...
    ... but one day she'll know that she does!
    We'll be as mighty again as we ever were!
    It'll take time...
    When the drums beat and the bands play..... and our flags wave again.... and our whole nation
    will be united once more...
    ... then we'll march together
    to the ends of the earth! One people. One Reston. One leader!


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