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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Snakes Not on a Plane II: This Time It's Personal -- and in Our Favorite Earth-Toned Development

Having failed to excite Reston's apathetic, YouTube-obsessed audience with thrilling videos about party walls and covenants, the Reston Association is going for pure shock value in this latest video about Reston's deadliest, if only, predator: the copperhead snake. Don't believe us? Check out the creepy, ground-level camerawork at around 1:32, and make note of this sinister quote: "We are not saying not to have a garden or a woodpile."

Double negatives? Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  1. Thanks for an entertaining and informative blog. I live in South-South Reston (Oakton), but your blog makes me almost feel like a Restonian :) Oh wait, I can do crazy things chop down one of my trees without consulting anyone....

  2. "I can do crazy things [like] chop down one of my trees without consulting anyone...."

    So can the Reston Association, they just call it watershed management.

  3. But, don't you DARE do it yourself! It's funny though -- after Hurricane Isabel came through and 35% (made up number) or so houses in the South Side had trees on them, RA was very generous with permission to cut trees down. We got rid of a nasty Holly that way. To be fair, it HAD been damaged during the storm because an oak fell on it ... but if we had wanted to, we probably could have saved it. We didn't want to. So, this time, I'm posting anonymously!

  4. Snakey McCopperheadOctober 1, 2009 at 9:07 PM

    I'm terrified of snakes and I was actually able to watch this all the way through without shivering in disgust. What DID make me shiver, though, was the diagonal underdeck latticework at 0:46. Why isn't it DRB-approved color-of-the-week Russet-Brown??

  5. Snakey McCopperheadOctober 1, 2009 at 9:45 PM

    Okay I spoke too soon... the snake/mouse duo at 2:30 made me yelp and say "GAHH!!"

  6. What jackasses ! Really exterminate copperheads, truly we've reached a low...first copperheads generally don't bite unless REALLY provoked i.e. stepped on. They are relatively movers, but can strike reasonable quickly, second, few (if any) people had died from copperhead bites, painful yes, deadly generally not unless you have an allergic reaction...

    Basic safety should more than protect, don't stick your hands under logs, dud, brown recluse spiders also live there and give a nasty bite, don't poke at a snake if you find it, leave it alone, watch where your walking...there you're good.

    Perhaps the ones that have been bitten deserve it...nature's way of trying to prune the evolutionary tree... :)