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Thursday, October 1, 2009

This Week in Crime: Awkward!

A Reston man who happens to work as a police officer at the U.S. Capitol is in a bit of hot water:

A U.S. Capitol Police officer was arrested Sunday morning in Arlington County when a woman came home and found him passed out drunk in her bed, police said. The two had never met.

The officer was charged with unlawful entry. Police say they are perplexed as to why he picked the apartment, in the 1000 block of North Randolph Street, to sleep. He lives in Reston.

"I don't know if it looks similar to his apartment in Reston or what," said Arlington police spokeswoman Crystal Nosal.
Commenters on this site have expressed concern that redevelopment projects might turn Reston, if not into another Manhattan, at least another Arlington. Perhaps we should consider this a cautionary tale.


  1. That's the best argument yet for NOT turning Reston into Arlington! The heck with traffic -- we might have people from Arlington mistaking our houses for theirs and falling asleep in our beds when we're not home...huh?

  2. Getting drunk, breaking and entering, and then passing out in a stranger's bed?

    That's not Reston.

    That's South Reston!

  3. What's so strange about that? I often wake up with strange men from South Reston in my bed.

    Do you think I could get his name and number? I really want to party with him!

  4. Broke in Charter OakOctober 2, 2009 at 2:11 PM

    Oh dear! You've just given the "old-timers" in Reston yet ANOTHER reason to wet their pants at the notion of any part of Reston hoping to become "Arlington Junior!"

  5. What? No Irish jokes.


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