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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This and That: A Random Mosey Through Reston News

  • Hey now, one new bit of information came out of a "news paper" story about last week's meeting about Brown's Chapel Rec Center: "The Center for Survey Research of the University of Virginia will conduct a telephone survey to determine public support for the new center." Awesome! We love unsolicited phone calls! There's also a survey form you can fill out on the Reston Association's "web site" if you're so inclined.
  • Signs of construction on Metro's awesome new Silver Line, until now marred in the pristine urban exemplar that is Tysons Corner, are now visible in the median of the Toll Road. The thousands of orange cones with blinking lights on top of them we'll soon see on our rides home are a small price to pay for the future promise of 'rad 80s art.
  • Hey, did you hear about those pigs in the Philippines who got Ebola Reston, the virus so nice they named it after a planned community, and had to be exterminated, only the stun gun didn't work? If you read this filthy "web log," the answer is yes, months ago, but despite the lack of new information, the outbreak got a recent spate of coverage in sources ranging from the BBC to NPR to the Apache Junction National Ledger in Arizona. PANIC!
  • After being spurned in its plans to build a particleboard hospital in particleboard Loudoun County, HCA has announced its long-expected expansion to Reston Hospital Center. The 350,000 square feet of expansions include new buildings, additional floors to existing buildings, and lots of those wooden dispensers. The weird thing? They're trying to get all this done under something called "Planned Residential Community (PRC) status," which seems a bit odd, unless they're planning to rent out excess hospital beds as condo space once the market picks up again.
  • The Counter, some fancy "west coast" burger shack where they presumably use elitist condiments like "mustard," opened in Reston Town Center last week. Judging by the Twitters, this event ranks somewhere between the Moon Landing and the Second Coming in importance.
  • Obama's "political machine," called Organizing for America, met with local residents at at the North County Government Center last week. Or was it a ruse to do advance work for a future visit by the president to the aforementioned fancy burger place?
  • Remember how Fairfax County Police came up with a cool name for anti-gang efforts in Reston, and now there's no gang activity any more? Here's a TV broadcast of the "action," assuming the station's cutting edge "embed" function ever decides to work:

  • Finally, and also from the Twitters, it sounds like the "open carry" gun people descended last week on Champps in Plaza America, one of their favorite hot spots. The tweet said that RSVPs were "expected," and we wouldn't argue with a bunch of folks packing heat.


  1. I'd like to send out a big thank you to the RA for including a handy download of their survey with fax instructions, rather than one of those pesky web-based surveys I could complete online. Now I'm even more inclined to voice my support for the Rec Center!

  2. kronical: you got it right --- welcome to the 19th Century RA!

    fax is so with it and green -- nothig less for the LEED(er)-less of the RA :)

  3. Man, it must be great to be a cop in Reston.

    Ride around on a bike all day long and work on a year-ago problem -- that is, after you litter the community with your flyers ?!?

    Who's ticketing the cops for trespassing, peddling and littering?

    As usual, too little too late from FCPD.

  4. Another serf in Less Sought After South RestonJuly 22, 2009 at 2:50 PM

    Re: the RA Survey (or: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics)

    Oooh, I just geek out over things like this!
    The survey is so simply and delightfully skewed, I can already imagine the magic the RA will be able to wreak with the numbers.
    - If the answer to the first question (which is cleverly not numbered) is "Very Low Priority", Choose Your Own Adventures tell us the next step should be "Please skip the rest of the survey and tell us Why in the Comments section".
    -Since that direction is not provided, many of those who answer VLP to the first question (assuming they see it -- it's nicely buried, has no number, and the possible answers look graphically like a Key, rather than an active section) are likely as not to go ahead and fill out the rest, thus giving RA numbers they can report as evidence of a desire for the facility.
    -I'd like to see the results broken down by total number of respondents, total number who answered the first question, then a breakdown of their answers to that question.
    -And I'd like any answers to the additional questions to be thrown out of the count if the answer to the first question was Very Low Priority OR if the question was skipped.

    But I'd also like to paint my house bright purple and raise goats in my yard. A Restonian has to choose her battles.

    / end geek


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