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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Health News: Shiny New Reston Hospital Center Addition to Spite Loudoun County, YMCA Becomes Tertiary Care Facility

Let's say you run an awesome hospital company, with lots of boxes full of tongue depressors and cotton balls and whatnot, and you decide you want to build a hospital in Loudoun County, because that's where all the people are moving to live stacked up in particleboard housing subdivisions, but the board of supervisors says, "Whoa, not so fast, gunsmoke, because we might want to put more particleboard housing instead of a hospital on that spot near the Starbucks." We paraphrase, of course, but how would you thumb your nose at these folks after being rebuffed in such callous fashion?

Put more hospital beds in Reston, of course.

HCA Virginia said Friday that it is accelerating its plans to expand Reston Hospital Center because of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors' vote Feb. 3 denying the company's application to build a 164-bed hospital in Broadlands.

Company officials said they have submitted a rezoning request to Fairfax County authorities for a project that would add 152 beds to the 187-bed Reston hospital and enlarge the Reston campus by 345,000 square feet.

"Our long-term expansion plans for Reston Hospital Center have been under development for two years," Margaret Lewis, head of HCA Virginia, said in a statement. "Now, in the wake of the recent Broadlands . . . decision, we will take full advantage of the opportunity to accelerate the project's timetable."
In your face, Loudoun! In your face!

Meanwhile, it sure seems like Reston could use the hospital beds, now that the YMCA is being used as a treatment center for lung patients. No, really.
More than 90 chronic lung patients will be displaced from their current facility at Inova Fairfax Hospital in March and receive therapy instead at the YMCA of Reston - which some say can't provide the level of care the patients received at the hospital.

The hospital says it needs to increase space for a growing number of acute-care patients, and that the chronic maintenance patients need to learn to do more for their own rehabilitation.
Hey, makes sense to us. Can we get a triple bypass at the Chick-Fil-A next door?


  1. Sounds great, except that I heard a woman go on and on and on and on the other day about how the Loudoun Hospital has a much better rate of people NOT getting sicker while there and that it just isn't SAFE to go to Reston Hospital. Honestly, do these people have nothing better to do than compare sickness rates? Yikes!

  2. And the "Y" members are thrilled that now not only do we have to dodge the seldom manned desk in the middle of the lobby, and the people who signed up with new year's resolutions that don't have a CLUE what they're doing and just take up machines they don't know how to use, but the already shorthanded staff will be otherwise occupied trying to live up to the contract with the lung patients. Great plan.


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