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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our 15 minutes: 'A long, hard look at Reston'

So says Washingtonian's Blogger Beat, which apparently confused this site with some of its own personal ads. No, wait. They actually called Restonian "a localized version of the Daily Show." What, is there something funny about this site? Anyway, thanks for the nice writeup, though we're not sure why they didn't crop out the filthy hobo with the book who wandered into this photo, the end.


  1. Underneath the folksy humor in this blog is a look at Reston that three papers leave out, The local media is fawning, non-informative and non-confrontational to the status quo. Well. occasionally the Connection has an insightful article on the future of Reston.

    This blog has a old-style reporting edge that does get interesting info out. Reston as a development has serious problem with open debate. And any criticism of Simon is seen as petit treason.

    Thanks for the effort.

  2. Response to ECP:

    That's probably because none of the local papers seem to have enough time or resources to devote to more in-depth coverage. The Times went county-wide so they're never around. And the other papers have reporters covering so many different things in different towns that they don't seem to have the time to write about bigger issues. I think the Connection has like one reporter covering four towns/areas and the Observer only has one reporter as their entire staff writing everything for both their papers. It seems like it's more about having enough different "stuff" to put in the paper than in-depth coverage on just one or two bigger issues. I guess the media industry is suffering everywhere including locally.

  3. Dude, what is the attraction of Macaroni Grill??

  4. The Reston Times used to have some halfway decent local coverage. Is their main newsroom even in Reston anymore?

    @anonymous: Don't question the Macaroni Grill. It rocks.

  5. This blog is actually a grat example of citizen journalism at its best. I learn more here than in any of the community papers about what's going on in Reston, which is a commentary of sorts about those papers. I realize they operate in the looming shadow of the Washington Post, but nevertheless, their coverage of Reston news is sporadic and inconsistent. I've seen way better coverage of communities half the size of Reston, e.g. the Rutland Herald's coverage of the town of Rutland, Vermont, which has a population 25,000, half that of Reston. Maybe all our local papers could do a little less rewriting of press releases and a little more independent journalism?

  6. Hey, Restonian, please keep up the good work!

    We need a place that provides both insight and humor about all things Reston (even the Macaroni Grill). Otherwise, we would remain ignorant and really PO'd at the outrageous political shenanigans going on in our community.

    So, are you ready to take on the RA headquarters referendum, up next in the local political scene? While it won't cut down any trees (or maybe it will), it will sure hang Restonians out to dry with much larger assessment fees--if it passes.

  7. Check out this post about the new HQ. If only they could paint the Taj Mahal an approved shade of teal, we'd be all set.

  8. I've lived here for almost a year and a half. Today I stumbled upon this blog during a google search (which I don't even remember what I was searching for now) and already I've learned more tonight than in the 16 months I've spent living here! It's so hard to find well-written blogs with biting commentary, informed viewpoints, AND a writer who actually uses spell/grammar check! Thank you for your contribution (especially the latter, the absence of which makes me want to stick my head in the freezer and slam the door on my neck...over and over)!


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