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Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Children's Treasury of Tragic Cell Phone Photos: Gang Graffiti, Reston Town Center Labor Protests, and a Sad Memorial Becomes Sadder Still

photo-2.jpgEveryone must now have one of those "iPhone" thingies all the kids are crazy about, as we've gotten a slew of "fun" images over the last few days. First, here is a lovely picture of some graffiti found by an anonymous contributor in the Reston Parkway underpass near the Barnes & Noble and -- it pains us to write these next two words -- the Macaroni Grill. At first, we were going to say that we thought it was related to a recent campaign, but that's a cheap shot, even by our (extremely low) standards.

17520672.jpgAlso last week, protestors were lurking around a sign at Reston Town Center saying that Boston Properties "condones immigrant labor abuse." It wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened in or near our Fake Downtown, though if it had any sense of dramatic tension, the union staging the protest would have done what many of their counterparts do in D.C. -- set up a giant, inflatable rat, preferably within sight of the aforementioned Macaroni Grill.

3038221-500x500.jpgSomeone on "the Twitters" snapped this picture of the Pollo Frito truck, “serving the local Reston area with hot Spanish lunch specials.” Nice! Since this isn’t Herndon, the singles-friendly city of tolerance, we’ll ignore the fact that it’s illegally parked in front of an ominous-looking tow-away-zone sign.

Sadly, we don't have an updated picture of this next item, but the sad roadside memorial to Michael Jackson on Reston Parkway is still there, balloons a bit deflated and the sign cruelly pushed over by some uncaring lover of classic rock or something. As of this posting, however, no similar memorials to Billy Mays have spontaneously popped up on Reston roadways.

photo.jpgAnd finally, we'll leave you with this photo someone snapped whilst walking near Hickory Cluster. We're no fan of untended dog poop ourselves, but we still have to salute the anonymous signmaker for going the extra mile with the brick. Nicely done.


  1. And to think it took more time to write that self-important sign than to actually pick up the shit -- Now THAT'S priorities, people!

  2. Wow. Living in Reston is such a trip.

    The open mouth rules all.

  3. One more unwanted and unneeded Reston "amenity." A black hole crime and decay -- the not-so-lovely and ever more poorly maintained RA common element pathway underpasses.

    Incredible: they want to spend $100 million on a rec center, but they can't spent $20 on a gallon of paint to remove this garbage the the Wacko-Jacko "shrine" littering the streets?

    SHAME on the RA!

  4. The Convict in the GulagJuly 23, 2009 at 2:26 PM

    " pains us to write the next two words -- the Macaroni Grill."

    Ahem. That's three words, not two as I'm sure that any graduate from SLHS or board member from RA can tell you. I would suggest that you should fire your editor and fact checker but, as is well-known, you only run a filthy weblog.

  5. They need to do away with clusters and apartments putting up no dog walking signs. The jerks just sneak off into the next cluster to do their dirty work. We've got two adjacent clusters with these restrictions. I see all these people coming here in the middle of the night with their dogs. Some of these people are probably picking up after their dogs. Instead of pushing the problem of a few, they should deal with the one or two problem individuals.

  6. We were young and our children were young then. Our townhouse on Yellowood Court provided a wonderful street for the boys to zoom downhill on skateboards, and safely participate in Halloween trick or treats. I worked at Access and their dad commuted into the city. Later, after transfers, we arrived again in DC and chose Reston once more - this time on Wethersfield Court. I remember good times, nice neighbors, kindness, safety and good schools. Look at where you are, anywhere you are right now, and make the world where you are better. You will one day look back like I am now. Paint over the graffiti, volunteer in the schools, laugh and join the block parties. You'll remember all the communities someday where you lived - have good memories. We only go around one time.


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