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Saturday, July 11, 2009

RCA & the Reston Festival: Fun, Games and Holocaust Denial

PH2009071100533.jpgIf you're wandering around the Reston Festival this weekend and happen to make time between visiting the gutter guard booth and the chili dog stand to stop by the Reston Citizens Association booth to do a little of that stone-cold votin', be warned: One of the RCA's unopposed candidates is a Holocaust denier. Wait, what?

Ken Meyercord has an Ivy League education, a high-tech job at Freddie Mac, a local public-access cable television show on international affairs and a long history of writing about what he says are "myths" of the Holocaust, including a piece called "(Holo-) History is Bunk."

Now Meyercord hopes to add a new entry on his résumé: winning an at-large seat on the board of the Reston Citizens Association, a quasi-governmental body that sets the agenda for the community of 60,000, which is not officially a municipality. The odds are in his favor, because he is running unopposed.

But some residents, mortified by his views on the Holocaust, have thrown together a last-minute write-in campaign to stop him. Former RCA Board Member Debra Steppel, along with five volunteers, is soliciting votes for write-in candidate Colin Mills, a member of the board who was not planning to seek reelection until Meyercord's views came to light.
All because of easily misconstrued comments like this:
"To hear eyewitnesses tell it, it took little more than a match for the corpses to spontaneously combust."
That's not from his RCA campaign literature, which advocates making sure Reston doesn't turn out like "Queens," but from one of his publications that got the attention of Steppel, the former RCA board member behind the write-in campaign. But we're sure Mr. Meyercord will clear up this whole wacky misunderstanding. Right?
In an interview yesterday, Meyercord described himself as "a Holocaust revisionist," taking pains to distinguish himself from Holocaust deniers.

"I believe millions of Jews were uprooted from their homes and died in droves," Meyercord said. But he dismisses as Allied propaganda the assertion that Nazi Germany embarked on a mission to annihilate European Jews, a plan known as the Final Solution. He also denies that Nazis used gas chambers to murder Jews, saying gas chambers did not exist, and expresses skepticism that the number of Holocaust victims reached 6 million.

Meyercord said he does not understand the fuss over his candidacy. "I would say it's a little off-topic," Meyercord said.
Among his other, more on-topic accomplishments: a "song parody" called "America the Doodiful." We're guessing there's some satire at play there, but we're not sure. Anyhoo, voting continues through Sunday, so be sure to grab a corn dog and do the right thing if you're in that neck of the woods.


  1. I saw this in the Post today and was blown away. But just what does the RCA do? What authority do they have? Why does this matter?

  2. I am so frustrated that RCA decided to allow online voting only until July 10th- the day before this article was published. I have 3 kids with the stomach flu! I can't get to the reston festival.

  3. Reston Citizens Association matters a lot. They are one of two community groups (the other is ARCH, the Alliance of Reston's Cluster and Homeowners) who are actively resisting efforts by our County Supervisor to redevelop Reston and turn our lovely town into a metropolis of mixed-use, high-rises (and doubling our population). Go see their website:
    And go vote tomorrow.

  4. This is a perfect example of shoa-business, Zionist Smear Machine in action.

    Mr. Meyercord did not deny the "Holocaust" , he merely questions the 6 Mill figure.

    According to a book written by historian/writer GilesMacDonogh, there were 450,000 Jews in Germany in 1933.
    "Of them some two-thirds emigrated. The other third perished in camps and ghettos."
    GilsMacDodnogh has no reason to deny the ever growing numbers of Jews who supposedly died in those camps.
    The AIPAC machine swong into action here.

    Get yourself a copy of "After The Reich "
    "A brave book" - Sunday Telegraph,London,-
    read it and weep.

    And before you throw stones at Giles Macdonogh, check out his background.

    Mr. Meyrercord has the right to his opinion

    He is fighting the Great Lie and will be destroyed by those who call Christian soldiers "cattle" (goyim).

    Nobody in Reston will dare to vote for him.

  5. Oh, good grief. "Goyim" is the Hebrew word for "nation." Never even heard the "cattle" story before, wonder who made that one up?

    Interesting how all the Holocaust deniers seem to be from countries where millions of people DIDN'T suddenly go missing. Notice that the Poles never debate the fact that entire towns full of people just vanished. I guess the deniers contend that these 6 million people just never existed in the first place? And the pre-war records of all those people, all those Jewish towns and villages in eastern Europe, they were all faked? And all the American GIs who liberated those camps, they were just lying about it? And the hundreds of thousands of non-Jews who died, I guess they didn't really exist either.

    Of course Meyercord has the right to his opinion, but people in Reston have the right to be represented by someone who isn't a holocaust denier and a 9/11-conspiracy theorist (google it, folks).

  6. "All those Jewish towns and villages in eastern Europe, they were all faked?"
    No, Poles never debated that entire towns full of people just vanished.

    Read "After the Reich " -go to page 327 and see what author GilesMacDonogh writes about "Jews in Germany and Austria"

    Then read the rest of the book if you are able to look at the truth.

    Isn't it interesting that the "Post" took on such a petty little story.
    Why did they?
    Because this insignificant little man had to be destroyed.
    His doubts can't be allowed, freedom of speech is dead.
    Mrs. Weymouth finds time to walk the party line.

    And I'm not talking about her "salon" parties

  7. Translation of "Goyim" as per Urban dictionary:

    Means cattle.
    How the Jews see all non-Jews in particular

  8. The problem with his denial argument is that he uses selective information, or should I say disinformation, to dispute generally known facts.

  9. Wow - so his freedom of speech is being threatened? I don't think so. He can say whatever he wants. And the rest of us can tell our neighbors not to vote for the guy. Freedom of speech goes both ways! If his outspoken opinions were more popular - he'd probably fare better in a popular election!

  10. His outspoken opionions are not popular because this great country has been brainwashed into accepting "selective information, or should I say disinformation?"

  11. Hmm... all those years studying Biblical Hebrew in college were wasted! Who knew? Excuse me while I go "moo" at my husband.

    Meanwhile, I'll go call my grandparents and tell them that, in fact, our hometown in Lithuania was not really liquidated by the Germans! They'll be so pleased. Thanks for the good news!

  12. I also find it interesting that no one is bringing up his views on 9/11- I guess those are a little harder to defend, hm?

  13. One small voice in the wilderness - one man did research and decided he couldn't believe the propaganda and the bloody lies.

    He is being crucified.

    Big Brother is making sure nobody will ever dare to think again.
    Or questions.
    Because if they would, their empire would crumble.


  14. {sniff} such a courageous bigot! Brings a wee tear to my eye.

  15. Bigot?
    What is a bigot?
    Somebody who questiones the partyline or somebody who toes it to the exclusion of other opinions.?

    It's like "Redneck" - everytime my grandkids use that term I ask them what a "Redneck" is.
    A guy with a red neck?

    They can't define "Redneck" any more than most peope can define "Bigot."
    Except a Bigot has to be Christian.
    Religious Right is the term, I believe.

    Well, you all have a nice party, enjoy your election and the democracy which is being excercised on this board.

    Off to do some "Rednecking" and "Bigotting" (hey, that sounds cool and sexy to boot)

  16. Go away, Mr Meyercord. It's no fun to talk about you if you're here.

  17. Mr 10:13,

    It is obvious that you don't have any friends or family members who suffered through this particular historical event. If you did, you would not be so keen on having your relatives and family friends called "liars" by someone who "read a book." I wish that the Holocaust WERE a fiction!! Unfortunatley, it was not. Unless you are willing to meet some of these survivors and call them liars to their own faces, I suggest you put a sock in it.

    And as for you question about the word "bigot" a "bigot" is someone who treats another ethnic group with hatred or paranoia, which I believe you have done here.

  18. Any individual that is willing to share these beliefs and ideas has to realize he's opened himself up to a huge distration... what an idiot... and for that reason alone, he should walk away from the idea of running for RCA.

    And BTW, I totally disagree with his views, but he has a right to air them in public...

    He also has to be prepared for the reaction...

  19. What a real shame the Reson Festival is at the "New Bethesda" Town Center -- where no RA dues and assessments have ever been paid by the residents and merchants...

    Versus -- at lake Anne Plaza, where it all started... and the Festival would have helped the local commuity and merchants immeasurably...

    Pitiful,just pitiful...

  20. Reston Festivus for the rest of usJuly 12, 2009 at 4:25 PM

    Lake Anne Plaza doesn't have the space and parking facilities to accomodate the sheer volume of attenders, food vendors, art/craft vendors, special interest tables, play areas found at this weekend's Reston Festival. Lake Anne Plaza can easily accomodate a typical Farmer's Market that I enjoy every Saturday. But look at how the area impacted by parking just for the Farmets Market! The parking needed for the Reston Festival is times 10 that, at least. It's just not realistic to have the Reston Festival there until after Lake Anne Plaza is expanded, including parking facilities.

  21. Hmmm… why not host the Reston Festival at both Browns Chapel AND Lake Anne Plaza – plenty of parking at Barron Cameron Park and other surrounding areas. It’s just a real shame to see the Festival taking place at the “plastic” Town Center, where no dues or assessments are ever paid by the residents and merchants…

    Apparently the RA leadership of that era agreed to accept a single lump-sum payment of around one hundred thousand dollars from the developers to have free reign and no future individual assessments – ever…!!

    Sound like something present leadership is doing with some properties around here…???

  22. The Asian festival is just around the corner -- August 1-2, and is held at Lake Newport Square. Not enough parking, but shuttles will take people from if it's possible for this one, might it be possible for a festival at Lake Anne?

    I went to the Reston Festival today. It was nice but the people performing down by GRACE were really getting overlooked. A real shame.

  23. All that's missing on the headshot is the Hitler mustache and the message would be clear. Did the Post intentionally take that headshot of Meyercord to parody They Saved Hitler's Brain?

  24. We heard the Tone Rangers down at the park by GRACE. They were wonderful. Nice that there's beauty in the world. Makes up for a lot, no?

  25. Keep the festival in Town Center to keep the residential streets from being clogged with traffic. The 'walkable' RTC has the wide avenues and close proximity to both the Toll Rd and Fairfax Co Pkwy.

  26. All the more reason to have a REAL city called Reston. Enough with these wanna-be governments each with hidden agendas and tentacles into our pockets. RCC, RA, RTCA, WATCH, ARCH, RCA, Reston Interfaith, etc., etc. ETC.!

    It's destructive overkill and the place is getting more and more infested with wackos like this one...

    STOP THE MADNESS, GET tax-and-spend Hudgins and Matthews out of our pockets and our private lives and get a REAL government

  27. If you preach tolerance, but you aren't tolerant of intolerance - that just makes you intolerant - and a hypocrite.

  28. I have to agree. The man isn't likely to be in a position to make policy about the local Jewish community. Therefore, his positions on the holocaust is irrelevant. However, if you want to vote against him simply because he holds an unpopular opinion that's irrelevant to the position in question, that's entirely your business.

  29. If Meyercord had written a book in which he said the moon was made of green cheese, would it be okay not to vote for him then?

    I'm not going to vote for anyone I think is insane, and based on his writings (and yes, I've read them), I think he falls into that category.

    Denying reams and reams of historical data (remember, the Germans were thorough record-keepers, and their archives were captured after the war) and eyewitness accounts from survivors, Germans, AND American GIs because the facts do not support your political agenda does not speak highly for ones character.

  30. Anonymous said...
    Means cattle.
    How the Jews see all non-Jews in particular

    Ignorant little comment. Many Jews are white, most in the U.S.A. Depends on where you were born. Europe? White. That's how we fill out the census form. Must be a conspiracy, eh?


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