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Thursday, March 5, 2009

This Week in Crime: No need to say anything about that armed home invasion a month ago

An arrest has been made in an armed Reston home invasion that happened more than a month ago that police never bothered to share with the public, since it didn't involve a comically inept but athletic bank robber who needs to ask for bags to carry away his money, yet still hasn't been caught.

On Jan. 24 at 4 a.m., an armed, home-invasion robbery occurred on Reston Avenue in Reston, and Fairfax County police have charged a Centreville man in connection with that offense.
This follows the most recent arrest of a 18-year-old wanted for murdering his stepmother last year, which Fairfax County Police took nearly three weeks to make public. How are lazy bloggers dedicated citizen journalists supposed to "report" news like this if the police don't have the time to type out a nicely formatted, grammatically correct press release?


  1. I'm not sure if you're already aware, but the FCPD posts weekly crime news too, and a lot of those are interesting too, but for some reason don't make it to the homepage.

  2. Nino seems like one bad-ass dude. Aggravated assault, discharge of a weapon, 3 different marijuana charges, 2 driving on suspended charges, and failure to appear on a felony summons. And then this latest incident too.

  3. Oh, and as recently as January, he was a resident of our fair city.

    Is "dark" a DRB-approved color for handguns?

  4. Joshua -- You're right, but this didn't appear in the weekly crime report, either. Most of the time the Reston precinct merely reports "no major incidents." Apparently, an armed home invasion qualifies as a trifle.

  5. You got to be kidding me! I would rather have them on the street doing exactly what they did instead of spending 3 hours typing a report so you have something to blog about on the restonian.....get off your butt and volunteer as an auxiliary police officer and then report it in the restonian!!!!

  6. The police are required by law to release information about every incident that takes place, not just the ones they feel like sharing in hopes of getting a crime solver tip. The less information Fairfax County Police actually divulge, the more they look like an inept, small-town operation. Which they're not, but they should know better.


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