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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reston's vibrant economy, part 35: Sprint Nextel to lay off 93 remaining non-Kansans, presumably for inability to 'kick off their Sunday shoes'

After moving its headquarters from Reston to fritter-loving, dance-hating Kansas, and then cutting loose a bunch of people working on Clearwire in its Herndon office, Sprint Nextel is now closing its Reston-based network operations center, making another 93 jobs redundant.

The company will cut the Reston workers May 29, according to a notice the company filed with Virginia.

Technicians working at the Reston office monitor Sprint’s nationwide networks and quickly address network-related issues. Sprint has similar facilities in Overland Park and Atlanta.

“The functions handled by the Reston center are consolidating into the network operating center in Overland Park, where the networks will continue to be taken care of and monitored from a centralized location that allows for streamlining of operations under a more effective cost structure,” Sprint spokeswoman Lisa Zimmerman-Mott said.

The center will not close until May 29, and eligible employees without jobs at that time will receive three months’ pay, job placement assistance and other benefits, she said.

Overland Park-based Sprint (NYSE: S) employs 4,300 workers in the Washington area and had said cuts would affect all levels of the company.
They've still got a long way to go before reaching their previously stated goal of shedding 8,000 jobs, so if we were still gainfully employed by Sprint Nextel in Reston, we'd be working on our dance moves.


  1. Maybe if we approve the RA HQ referendum, they can all get jobs pounding nails or welding joints (no, not that kind) or pouring concrete for a shiny new RA Hearst Castle.

  2. And in keeping with the first poster's reference to the Hearst Castle (San Simeon), maybe our new RA headquarters could be titled "San Simian" in honor of the local monkeys infected with what became known as the Ebola-Reston strain?


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