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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This and That: A Random Meander Through Reston News

  • Remember that awesome piece of art that symbolically represented the destruction of trees by Columbia Gas, or Reston’s awesome stream restoration project, or whatever? Turns out the tree wasn’t one of the countless victims of either treepocalypse, but an ailing dogwood plucked from Governor’s Square Cluster for use in the project. And now that folks in Reston have seen more than enough dead trees, the exhibit was moved to its final resting place -- Dogwood Elementary -- which goes to show you that artists love irony.

  • Reston-based Access National Bank's parent company told the federal gubmint last month just where to stick their bailout money.

  • Hey, did you like go to that awesome Pearl Jam concert at Lake Fairfax Park back in 1992? Here's a wacky bootleg of the show, in case you were too jacked up on Zima at the time to remember it.

  • After the Obama administration proposed doing away with subsidies to student loan providers, Sallie Mae's top brass finally have something worth swearing about.

  • South Lakes and Herndon High School kids partner on an awesome art project. But what about the band programs?

  • People keep speculating about who's getting laid off from Accenture and when.

  • Jeff Tunks, chef owner of PassionFish in Reston plus a couple of other D.C. restaurants no one's ever heard of, was on the TV! No word on whether he found Al Roker "a stitch."

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