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Friday, October 24, 2008

Art imitates life, or maybe people just really like dead trees

Does art imitate life? Read the opening paragraph to this story about an exhibit at the Greater Reston Arts Center in the Washington Post and decide for yourself.

The centerpiece of artist Shinji Turner-Yamamoto's exhibition at the Greater Reston Arts Center is a 25-foot dogwood, the state tree of Virginia. Lying on its side, it scrapes the ceiling with its gracefully twisting branches.
So you could go to some fancypants elitist art gallery to see this, or just drive over to North Reston and see what Columbia Gas is up to these days.

The funny thing is that the Post called the exhibit a "Haiku to Nature." So in the spirit of Friday Fun, we thought we'd offer a haiku or two of our own.

Pink flamingo sits
In front of moldy stucco
DRB awaits.

Unos, Gap, Hyatt
Fill up Reston's Fake Downtown
Edgy urban scene!

School redistricting
Brings out the best in neighbors
Gimme back my Bratz!

Think you can do better? Give it a shot in the comments.


  1. Mauve rotting timbers
    Fall from the neighbor's townhouse
    Foreclosure really sucks.

  2. Reston communists
    Love our trees and DRB
    Thank you Joe McCain

  3. We're told this is wild,
    The enslaved "forest" and "lakes"
    Pacified, we shop


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