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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Week Last April in Crime: One for the Cold Case Files

Fairfax County Police announced they have extradited the 18-year-old stepson of a Reston woman murdered in her home last April.

Zaida Alvarez Rodriguez, 42, was found unresponsive April 3 in her apartment on Greywing Square, in the Springs apartment complex in the Hunters Woods area of Reston. She was taken to Reston Hospital Center, where she was pronounced dead. Police have declined to release a cause of death, other than to say she suffered "trauma to the upper body."

Detectives soon obtained a warrant for Elvin Rodriguez-Juarez, who was then 17. He was located in Houston last month, police said, and arrested Feb. 17 by U.S. marshals there. He agreed to be extradited to Virginia and was returned to Fairfax on Feb. 25.
Police had sought Rodriquez since last April. He has been charged with murder. Once again, there's nothing funny about this story, so here is a picture of a feral-looking cat wearing pajamas.


  1. If he was 17 last April and it hasn't yet been a year since the murder wouldn't that make him 18? I suppose he could be very special and have had two birthdays between last April and this February/March... ?

  2. Time seems to move strangely for this guy. After all, he was apprehended in mid-February, and the police only saw fit to run a press release two weeks later.


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