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Monday, March 2, 2009

Flashback Monday: Reston's 49,999th resident and their spouse

Let's put on our old Huey Lewis CDs and go "back in time" to November 1987, when Reston had a Very Special Event to honor its 50,000th resident. The USGS Headquarters was home to the gala welcoming Leslie and Gary Fox. But which one was #49,999 and which one was #50,000? Who knows, but they were apparently up on stage with Julia and Henry Rogers, the "first residents of Reston," and after a 12-round, no-holds-barred wrestling match, the winning couple were named the Enlightened Despots of Reston and awarded a mauve scepter giving them the divine right to ignore any two (2) DRB restrictions of their choice. Legend has it that was how the gawdawful Reston Spectrum was allowed to be built.

If this story seems a bit far-fetched, remember we're talking about long-ago 1987. Professional wrestling was very popular back then.

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  1. Can I become the official Restonian Yelper ?


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