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Friday, March 6, 2009

Moorings: Reston's Most Selfish Cluster?

Perhaps because of the likes of this unidentified overage camouflage-wearing hipster we found on "the Flickr," Moorings Cluster recently pulled a "stream restoration" on its tot lot overlooking Lake Anne, removing every trace of playground equipment from a popular place for families and other reprobates to stop during walks around the lake.

We'd like to think this is in preparation for some awesome new playground equipment, like a giant multi-level ballroom with built-in WiFi and whatnot, but... we're skeptical. The previous equipment was in decent condition. Did the residents of the cluster decide they didn't want undesirables from other neighborhoods marring their views of the lake?

The cluster's Web site is silent on the matter. But its FAQ page does have this helpful information:

Q: Can I paint my house pink?
A: You may paint the inside of your house whatever color you wish. Exterior colors must conform to the Cluster palette (See " Rules and Regulations " for more information).
Stay classy, Moorings. Stay classy.


  1. Removing the tot lot is a zoning violation. It was shown on the approved site plan for the cluster and cannot be removed without County approval.

    Put it back Moorings before we sic Eileen McLean on you!

  2. Once again I love reading blogs from waterheads who don't have all the facts before they start complaining about something. Maybe the playground was in disrepair and it was cheaper to remove and replace (when the weather gets warmer)?

    Is it possible that the county granted some variance to the site and changes are being initiated? Better yet, maybe the Russian mafia uprooted the whole thing and is selling it on Ebay!!

    Give me a break folks....lets talk about something important...

  3. I have it on good authority that the aforementioned tot lot was foreclosed and sold at auction to a planned earth-toned development in China where, ironically, they'll discover the chains on the swings are 100% pure lead. Chewy goodness!

  4. there are not many kids in the cluster anymore

    most residents voted to get rid of the playground rather than replace the equipment, thereby further discouraging families from moving in or the hoi polloi from loitering in the cluster

  5. The tot lot was being used by residents for private business, which is a violation of the covenants. The three largest users of the tot lot were unlicensed home day care providers in or adjacent to the cluster (1672, 1682, and one from LakeView). They were actively petitioning for a new tot lot.

  6. I recall that the insurance company for the cluster settled out of court with a member family in the 1980s when the family allowed a mentally-handicapped child use the slides without supervision.

  7. the hoi polloi are renting basement apartments and spare rooms in the cluster. they don't have kids so they don't need a tot lot. they need more parking spaces.

  8. Unlicensed day care providers are definitely a problem in my cluster! How dare they take care of the children of military/industrial complex bureaucrats without the proper documentation. Educated by an independent person not "licensed" by some local, state, or federal agency might risk turning these kids into non-compliant, non-submissive critical thinkers! Let's get Blackwater to hunt down these illegal child care providers!

  9. The facts are, the Moorings Association, that is us homeowners that actually participate in making our community better, funded a replacement of all the tot lot equipment. The grounds were reworked, flowers were planted around the sides of the tot lot and the steps leading to the lot were replaced. To do this, we assessed the costs back onto ourselves. At the time most communities are moving away from making these sorts of investments, we choose to do to. The best part of this is we all talked about how nice it would be to have new swings where children could be brought to the tot lot by their parents. We did not care if the families were from our association or not, we just wanted to provide a safe place where families could spend some fun time with their small children.

    For those who assumed the worst in our motives, find something positive that you too can do in the community and stop assuming the worst of your neighbors unless you have the facts to support what you are talking about.


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