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Friday, June 20, 2008

Redistricting Fever: Like It's a Wonderful Life, only with IB classes and Bratz

Hey, remember that time the awesome pro-school group FairfaxCAPS was suing the Fairfax County School Board to make it redistrict South Lakes High School again so its boundaries extended no further than the school's own parking lot, but then they started running out of money to pay the lawyers dedicated public servants who'd copied-and-pasted some legal terms like "carthengia delendo est" and "nolo contendre band programs" into an impressive legal document, so they asked for another $15,000 from people who could have otherwise used that money to send their kids to the Landon School for upwards of 25 minutes before being shown the door by tazer-weilding security guards?

Yeah, that was awesome. Anyhoo, today's apparently the deadline for that extra cash, and as of a few days ago, they were just about halfway there.

One week ago we sent out the following email requesting $15,000 in contributions. We are happy to announce that we have received $8,000 dollars, approximately $1,000 dollars a day. However, we still need to collect the remaining $7,000 within the next 3 days in order to achieve our goal and continue to assure FCPS fairness, transparency and accountability.
Will they get the last seven grand to their attorneys just in the nick of time, as people stand around a Christmas tree singing "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" and telling each other that every time a bell rings, a Bratz doll gets its wings? We sure hope so! Otherwise, we'll have nothing to do on July 3 but sit around and watch certain patriotic, anti-IB movies.

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