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Monday, March 10, 2008

Redistricting Fever: The real truth about Bratz (OMG A Restonian World Exclusive)

During the respectful public discourse about the recent uneventful West County redistricting decision which no one hardly noticed, one of the many reasons proffered for not wanting to send children to South Lakes High School, aside from IB band programs neighborhood inclusiveness socioeconomics school spirit football real estate values was Bratz dolls. No, really. Seems that some people thought that kids in the South Lakes district supposedly played with Bratz dolls, while the good-hearted children from decent places like Oakton Heights and Fox Mill only played with Barbies -- but of course only the multiethnic Barbies, because no one there sees race! -- and this apparently said something about upbringing, or propensity to take IB, or whatever. So imagine our surprise when we visited Freecycle earlier today:

Offer: Brazt Styling Head

smaller head, you can fix hair, or put on makeup. Just the head, no accessories

near fox mill shopping center
That's right. Ladies and gentlemen, the Smoking Bratz.

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  1. I find it interesting to mention multi-ethnic Barbie because that doll line didn't even have a real African American doll, it was a darker skinned doll named Barbie too When the Bratz were made the dolls had different cultures and names. The Babs line was just pink ballgowns and aspirations to merely landing a Ken doll. I prefer my kid to play with Bratz because at least they are teens, not forcing an adult doll onto my girl and at least the Bratz have storylines that teens can relate to. They help animals, start their own businesses, travel the world, much better role model to me than some blonde adult who can't seem to live without a man in her plastic life. :)


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