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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Meanwhile, in the other anti-Reston(s): Foreclosure Hell or Loonie-Sized Hail, Pick Your Poison

As the entire D.C. housing market continues to go up in flames, one of the hotspots is likely to be our tolerant neighbor to the west, Herndon.

The Washington region now has one of the fastest-growing foreclosure rates in the nation, as 15,613 homes went into foreclosure during the one-year period ending in February.

Although communities have felt the effects of the housing crisis for months, the report reveals that foreclosures in the Washington region have been increasing at a surprisingly quick pace, outstripping those of most major metropolitan areas.

Although Prince William and Prince George's counties have experienced the most home foreclosures, the report identifies several communities as potential "hot spots" for future foreclosures, including Centreville, Falls Church, Herndon and Vienna in Fairfax County.
Let's just hope that Ed McMahon didn't buy property there.

Or, if foreclosed homes and the mosquitos that can kill you that breed therein aren't your cup of tea, you could try Reston's other doppelganger. No, not the evil Columbia, Maryland, but Reston, Canada, which we learned about when ping-pong sized hail rained down from the heavens, presumably damaging their mauve homes and maple trees and hockey goals and whatnot. But it could be even worse: a nearby community reported "Loonie-size hail."

Given the fact that the Canadian dollar's now worth as much as the U.S. greenback for the first time in a zillion years, we'll be outside with a bucket.

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