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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Redistricting Fever: Because This Hasn't Been Too Confusing Already

Just when we thought it was a sure thing that the South Lakes High School boundaries would be redistricted in a maniacal social engineering experiment that would swallow whole all surrounding high-income neighborhoods and use the power of eminent domain to force their children to play with Bratz dolls or work in soup kitchens or even take IB, Fairfax County School Board members have put two new options on the table.

Kathy Smith (Sully) and Stuart Gibson (Hunter Mill) have submitted what they are terming "Scenario 2" and "Scenario 3," respectively.

Both would redistrict the Madison High School attendance island to South Lakes High School and include within that the elementary and middle school.
Wasn't there already an Option 1 and Option 2? And didn't Option 5 become Option 1? And wouldn't that make these new proposals Options 2 and 3? Or maybe Options 2(a) and 3(a)?

Anyway. Both awesome new plans affect people in neighborhoods who thought they were clear after the earlier options were whittled down following the wonderful input sessions. Folks in the Langley High School district are especially hard hit.

Had you going there for a moment, didn't we? No, they're basically tweaks to more of the same old, same old.
Both propose to assign a portion of the McNair Elementary School attendance area that is north of Fox Mill Road, east of Centreville Road and south of the Dulles Toll Road to Herndon High School from Westfield High School.

Both options also would assign a portion of the Oak Hill Elementary School attendance area known as Chantilly Highlands, with the exception of the Ladybank Lane, area to Westfield from Chantilly High School.

The two representatives differed on two points, and Gibson offered a sixth recommendation, one more than Smith.

Gibson proposed shifting the entirety of the Fox Mill Elementary School attendance area from Oakton High School to South Lakes, while Smith proposed moving only the portion that is northwest of the stream valley that bisects the subdivision.

Smith would reassign the portion of Floris Elementary School's attendance area that is east of Centreville Road and south of Frying Pan Road to South Lakes, with the exception of the Spring Lakes Estates subdivision, which would remain at Westfield.

Gibson would move the portion of Floris' attendance area that is east of Centreville Road, north of West Ox Road and south of Frying Pan Road from Westfield to South Lakes.

Gibson's recommendations further included reassigning to Oakton from Westfield the portion of Floris that is east of Centreville Road and south of West Ox Road with the exception of the Spring Lakes Estates subdivision.
At this point, our heads are spinning. But more information on the two options is here. Another awesome public hearing is scheduled for Feb. 19, but it's already too late to sign up to speak. Of course, it's never too late to build a website or wear black or come up with some arbitrary technicality, so go for it!


  1. Ha, ha, like Langley would ever even be considered in a boundary study like this. Note that their lame, ribbon-like boundary isn't even on the map linked to this post.

  2. Entre nous, the whole Bratz thing is getting old.

  3. Maybe so, but it's still the funniest thing that's come out of this long, sad, embarrassing process.


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