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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

From black T-shirts to CAPS

Ahead of the first of several planned meetings about redistricting involving South Lakes High School and Fairfax County Public Schools' controversial plan to add students from such transitional neighborhoods as Oakton Woods, with its ghetto-like $758,000 homes and shocking paucity of Bratz dolls, a new group has come forward to oppose the plan. Called FairfaxCAPS, it's made up of many of the original groups that came up with such ideas as wearing black T-shirts to public hearings to protest redistricting. Given that their earlier efforts didn't always come across as the world's most enlightened or selfless, they're taking a new, proactive, kid-friendly tack. South Lakes isn't bad -- it just has IB! And they're all for diversity -- just look at this picture!

Okay, so maybe they're not so keen on boys. In case you're keeping score at home, here are the groups involved:

FairfaxCAPS includes concerned citizens from the following organizations:

* Friends of Madison
* Stay with Westfield
* United We Stand
* Western Fairfax HOA Concerned Citizens
* Fox Mill Estates Home Owners Association

Additionally we represent numerous families, PTAmembers and homeowners* in the many subdivisions, including:

* Bradley Farms
* Meadow Hall (approx. 123 homes)
* Middleton Farms (207 Homes)
* Monroe Chase
* Monroe Manor (184 homes)
* Oak Mill
* Smith Farm (21 homes)
* Sycamore Lakes(168 homes)
* Sycamore Ridge

*Please note: PTAs and HOAs typically have bylaws which prevent them from taking public positions on political matters.
Duly noted.

CAPS will debut in a community meeting January 29, 2008, at 7:00pm, at Fox Mill Elementary School. The meeting will highlight key community concerns in advance of the School Board public hearings scheduled for January 30, 31 and February 9.

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