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Friday, December 14, 2007

Another week, another secret plan

Another week, another awesome plan to fix South Lakes High School's boundaries, this one courtesy of Fairfax County Schools itself. So what of the new Option 5?

Some students from Floris Elementary School would be bound for South Lakes High School instead of Westfield High School and Fox Mill Elementary School students would attend South Lakes instead of Oakton High School.

Some students from Wolf Trap Elementary would attend South Lakes and students from Navy Elementary School would move from Chantilly High School to Oakton.

There would be no change for Herndon High School.
What does Herndon High School have that the others don't? To start with, something to lose other than its parents' sense of entitlement--namely, a significant chunk of its AP classes and electives. But don't put down those fun black T-shirts just yet, 'cuz it ain't over until the last upset parent sings!
While Herndon High School is not impacted in Option 5, the scenario is not what staff will present as a final recommendation to the board.

“I think it's important that everyone in the boundary area be mindful that although the scenario may not show an impact to them, that doesn't mean they won't be when the board makes a final decision,” he said. “Don't presume they're off the table.”
Meanwhile, South Lakes students are continuing to defend their school against the slings and arrows of outrageous online comments and public speakers:
Principal Bruce Butler said he continues to lead “many, many” tours for curious parents. Despite mud-slinging on Web forums and tense redistricting meetings, Butler said the “ethos of Reston” has contributed for the high-minded approach South Lakes is taking. Most impressive has been the students' conduct, he said. Prior to the first meeting, Butler sat down with students to prepare them for what faced them.

“I let them know that change is difficult in any venue and there might be a chance that they might not see the best sides of a few people,” he said.
Like maybe these folks:
*I worked my butt off to buy a house in a good school district so she would not have to associate with lower socioeconomic groups of children, well, that makes me a classist, not a racist.

*I have already talked to realtors. I am willing to sell in a soft market just to get the hell out of here. My kids are not going to a slum of a school. I could do private, but we just want out. ASAP

*Dont under estimate the affluent piece. Many of your posts discuss our property values, do you honestly feel that people living in multi million dollar homes will back down without a fight when they stand to lose 10 percent of their value. Let's say there are 30 of us, average home price $1m, average loss per home $100k,hmmmm? I wasnt part of your IB program but I would bet that a very expensive law suit maybe $250k would be less expensive for us than caving in without a fight. Not to mention the price of an education equivalent to say Oakton or Madison, lets see Flint Hill is running $25k a year. All of a sudden that law suit is sounding down right cheap.

*Well, I better sell my house before it drops another $50K with the plethora of homes that are about to go on the market in light of this ridiculous plan.

*But hey, South Lakes can now offer jewelry making and have competitive sports....they'll probably even be able to beat Oaktonin some sport.

*There is a difference between affordable housing and government housing. Stonegate, West Glade, and Cedar something-or-other (next to Forest Edge) are not for "upwardly mobile immigrants." They are for lazy welfare recipients who enjoy sitting on their butt with their hands in our wallets while blaming you and I for their predicament.

*A person named Berdhuis dropped by, a nice guy from McNair, father of 3 sons. He doesn't own property cause he was laid off from his job, so he's just renting. But it didn't look like he was taking that job search too seriously, cause he was in here posting about every 2 seconds.

*most of South Lakes kids are so stupid they woulnt know if a hot teacher was hitting on them. and the gangs are to busy killing each other. The IB kids are the only ones getting any action.

*Question: What is the main difference between Gorillas and the South Lakes PTSA? Answer: Gorillas are smarter. Would you like a banana, South Lakes?
We've said it before, and we'll say it again: It's all about the band programs.

And speaking of mature, check this out. We've said all along the folks opposing redistricting are in truth concerned about socioeconomics and not knee-jerkingly against diversity -- this is Fairfax County, after all, not backwoods Alabama -- so we'll just assume the blatant racism peppering this online thread is intended as "humor." You know, kind of like this blog, only... um, not.

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