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Monday, December 17, 2007

Someone put Tackleberry on it

Fairfax County Police have given the annual box score on Reston crime. Some highlights:

Burglaries are down 28 percent. Robberies are down 3 percent, despite a 12 percent increase countywide. So are sexual assaults, arguably Reston's biggest perennial problem, though Lt. Andy Hill says they're still a cause for concern:

Despite a 26-percent drop in sex crimes, Hill said that can be a cause for concern.

“I'm not convinced it's because they're just not happening, I'm worried about non-reported incidents,” he said, which can often result from cultural differences or a mistrust of the police.
Plain larcenies are down 16 percent, though police are predicting an increase, particularly because folks leave GPSes, iPods and whatnot in their cars, often in plain view. Vehicle tampering, in fact, is up 30 percent.
Hill said the best deterrent for those larcenies is for residents to lock their car doors.
Slow down, chief! First you want us to keep our garage doors closed, now this? We are but simple folk, with our simple earth-toned homes. It's a lot for us to wrap our minds around. But there's more!
A criminal ring that was stealing cars for joy-riding over the summer was arrested, closing 38 cases that made up 43 percent of auto thefts in the past year. For that reason, auto theft was up significantly in the district, Hill said.
News to us! What about that awesome night of BB gun-fueled terror?
Destruction was up 12 percent, primarily due to a BB gun attack on vehicles over a two-day period in October. Those incidents caused $20,000 in damages and destroyed windows in nearly 100 vehicles. That case is still under investigation; no suspects have been charged.
Maybe they should put the same folks who made all those collars in that awesome massive beer bust on it:

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