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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This Week in Crime: Internal Affairs

Fairfax County Police's resource officer at Herndon Middle School was arrested for embezzlement. Lest that sound like someone was taking a few extra tater tots while patrolling the cafeteria lunch line, Fairfax County wants you to know that Mark Ours was actually allegedly tweaking his timesheet.

A press release said the arrest came after an investigation into alleged false reporting of hours on attendance records. Ours, who has been assigned to the Reston District Station, was charged at police headquarters and transported to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center.

Public Information Officer Eddy Azcarate said the charges mean a likely falsification of time cards that are submitted to the county for payment.

“This has been a fairly long investigation,” he said. “Any person at any business, any job or any place may take five minutes here and there, this obviously was more,” he said, though the department will not release the amount of embezzlement as it is an ongoing investigation.

The last time a Fairfax County police officer was arrested was in December 2006, for a DWI.

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