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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Breaking: Loudoun County Literally Stinks

Yes, that was a real question on another filthy "web log" published in the friendly, particleboard-curious county to our west. And just in case your imagination isn't already running as rampant as an Ashburn resident with a Wegmans gift card in the prepared foods section, the aforementioned smell is "described as a sulfur-like odor, similar to rotting eggs.” Alls we can say is they can keep their fancypants three-sided brick townhomes and their X-rated parks, and we'll be happy to stick with a place where all you can smell is the sweeeeeet yet tangy aroma of new urbanism and fanciful concrete bollards, a scent reminiscent of hot cocoa and asphalt and chocolate chip cookies and rebar, the end.

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