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Friday, June 11, 2021

Sorry, Charlie: Canned Fish Purveyor Moving To Elite Reston Town Center

V. v. exciting news for fans of 1960s advertising mascots and canned fish! Star-Kist is leaving Pittsburgh for the Steel City of the Northern Virginia region, which of course is Reston. Give us some good business-type blockquote about business, business journal types journaling about business at the Washington Business Journal:

StarKist Co., which announced late last month it would leave Pittsburgh for Greater Washington, said it has signed a lease for 24,000 square feet at 1875 Explorer St. in Reston Town Center, where its headquarters will create 83 jobs once it opens in April 2022. The tuna giant is investing $3.6 million in the relocation to the building, owned by Boston Properties. It had considered sites in Maryland as well as part of its search.
Well, Maryland doesn’t know anything about fish or anything, and we’ve got a couple of pretty cool manmade lakes, so that makes sense.

We’ve repeatedly pointed out the grittiness of our ersatz urban core, so relocating from a city where steelworkers moonlight as ballet dancers, the fine folks at Star-Kist should feel right at home.

And it's great news for Reston Town Center! They'll be in good company:

The property currently, or previously, hosted the likes of Google Inc., Appian and Rolls-Royce.
Maybe they'll add AES-128 encryption to those little keys that open the tuna cans. Synergy!

All in all, the Chicken of the Sea competitor is yet another feather in the cap of our elite Town Center overlords. No truth to the rumor that Reston’s lakes will become massive fisheries. And even less truth to the rumor that Freedom (Except for Parking and Photos) Drive will be renamed Cannery Row, the end.

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