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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Horse Fixed (Updated)

Horse fixed.


It's been nearly two years since Lake Anne residents awoke to a scene straight out of a classic film, minus the bed and the racketeering. 

Our art restoration certification has sadly lapsed, but it looks like the head -- apparently rescued immediately after the cervicide and spirited away to the Reston Museum for safekeeping -- might be the only original piece that survived the reconstruction of Russet Brown Trojan Horse 3.0.  Gone is the massive log that made up the body of sculptor Gonzalo Fonseca's original horse and its more recent successor.  But it's nice to have this living monument to the skull-cracking fun to be had by the children of early Reston back up and running at Lake Anne Plaza; hopefully the same can be said about more basic amenities, the end. 

Update: We stumbled across some additional information about the restoration, which was done by South Lakes High School students under the careful watch of Marco Rando. And -- not to give anything away -- but there's apparently a secret chamber in the new horse, so have fun trying to find it, the end.

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