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Monday, March 29, 2021

Okay, Fine, We'll Do A Post About The Big Honkin' Boat (Updated)

As the big boat that launched a thousand memes continues to languish in the Suez Canal, here's some News You Can Use! Here's what the big boat might look like stranded in our own plastic fantastic planned community, thanks to this very helpful research tool:

Looks like Lake Anne would make a nice storage spot for the big boat, with enough room left over for the booze barges to circle around it.

We'd like to see RTC's elite parking/photo enforcement squad put a bumblebee on this. At the same time, squeezing the big boat parallel to Freedom (Except for Parking and Photos) Drive would result in a complete disruption of our fragile supply chain for fancy cellular telephones and $60 tubes of makeup.

Finally, RNGC's owners haven't (yet) been able to convince the county to let them build condos on the golf course, but do you need a special use permit to store a slightly distressed big boat next to one of the fairways? As an added bonus, the big boat's staggering height would likely bounce sliced balls back onto the green, the end.

Update: Another addition, courtesy of Confidential Restonian Operative "Pedro" from the Facebooks:

Just think -- a container ship right next to the Container Store! Might be helpful for those times the walk-in closest is too full to shove everything into a couple of $40 plastic shoe boxes.

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  1. Wow, if that scale is right, Lake Anne is wider (and maybe less muddy) than the Suez Canal! Maybe it can become a critical shipping lane for homemade pretzels and doggie treats


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