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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Beige Mirror: As More Dystopic Video Screens Appear Across Reston, We Welcome Our New Cold-Blooded Overlords

A few months back, a giant video screen featuring circling sharks appeared at Reston Station, bathing the various polygons and whatnot in eerie shades of dystopian blue, kinda like something out of a cyberpunk novel, if the plots of cyberpunk novels focused on Metro access and farm-to-table dining. Now we're learning that like the monoliths in 2001, these screens are.... multiplying. Check it, as the kids haven't said since the 1970s:

That's right. futuristic Reston mixed-use development Halley Rise, home to self-driving cars and (not a moment too soon to slake our suburban sense of inferiority) the planned transit-oriented Wegmans, now has its own big honkin' screen featuring yet another cold-blooded predator eyeing the golf courses its prey, warily. And Reston's vision of a dystopian future in which CGI grannies stare at listlessly at video screens goes back to when Tall Oaks still had stucco strip mall buildings. Should we be concerned?

We dunno, to be honest. Let's ask our lizard overlords!

Probably nothing to worry about, the end.


  1. but... but... but...

    light pollution and high LED Kelvins...

  2. personally, i welcome these towering bladerunner-style video screens that invade my peripheral vision with advertising and watchful lizards


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