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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Reston's Plague Year: Week # Somewhere Between Phase 2 (Not Enough Masks) And Phase 3 (Won't Be Enough Masks)

A legitimate surprise: the Silver Line is now reopening ahead of schedule -- August 16 instead of after Labor Day. No word on whether this campaign from our doppelgänger in Scotland played any role in the fast-track schedule (click to enlarge):

In the meantime, we wouldn't worry about long lines for the replacement bus service:

Predictably, there's been backlash to the peaceful Black Lives Matter protests in Reston a few weeks back. From Lake Newport, a retort scrawled on a piece of art:

And the Reston Unitarian Universalist Church on Wiehle Avenue had its own Black Lives Matter banner stolen over the weekend. (Fun fact for the old-timers: When they first started putting up rainbow pride banners more than a decade ago, someone tried to set them on fire. More than once, too.)

Meanwhile, antifa supersoldiers Reston Strong have found a monument to topple -- the Confederate monument at the old Fairfax Courthouse:

Never forget that Reston's only historical statue of note once found itself vandalized and thrown in the lake.

And then there's the final word:

We're all in.

This drone shot of an empty (and for once, "contamination" free) Water Mine at Lake Fairfax, posted first to Nextdoor, is wild:

The Reston Community Center is reopening in limited fashion early next month, including its indoor pools. And four of Reston's pools will open next week, albeit for lap swimming/water walking only, with reservations required and no one under 8 allowed. And because We Can't Have Nice Things, stand-up paddleboarding is canceled for 2020:

No helicopter, but this week's police news is tragic and (as of now) unexplained.

Roer's Zoofari (formerly the Reston Zoo) has reopened as a self-serve driving/walking tour. Smart way to adapt to a potentially business-destroying threat. And emerging from the pandemic, Kalypso's Sports Tavern is preparing to celebrate 10 years of business -- practically an Ice Age as far as Lake Anne businesses go.

Finally, we'll leave you with An Art, a hidden surprise found in the woods of Reston:


  1. Some details about the woman killed and a fundraiser for her children!/

  2. Great content that is exclusive to Reston. We've lived here a decade and just now found your blog. I love the art found in the woods - very cute. The kids and I refer to those as the "bagel trees" :)


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