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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

McTacoHut, Minus the Taco and the Hut: McDonald's Renovations To Imperil Restonians' Access To Highly Processed Foodstuffs, At Least For a While

Coming fast on the heels of the shocking news that the Hut in Reston's eternal one-stop carbohydrate complex, known to generations as the McTacoHut, is closing early next year to be replaced by a purveyor of more upscale processed cheese and dough discs, we now have learned that the Mc -- that's right, McDonald's -- is temporarily closing at around the same time.

Say it isn't so, Ronald! Give us the LDL-lowering news, BFFs at NextDoor:

PSA - the McDonald's on Wiehle Avenue and Isaac Newton Drive will be closed in December for renovations.
they are expecting the renovations to take 4 to 6 weeks!
The exclamation point and casual disregard of sentence case doesn't even scratch the surface of our existential angst, even as other NextDoor patrons took a break from using their Pantone swatches to report suspicious-looking people and advertising giveaways of gently soiled mattresses to complain about the service at the epicenter of Reston's gustatorial history. However, our own McDonald's has lasted through countless fads and competitors, so we're optimistic that when it reopens sometime early next year, McTaco____ will retain its mantle as a destination of choice for those far and wide and not be replaced by a 96-story "mixed-use" mauvescraper offering 20 square feet of retail and 123,000-square-feet of bomb-strapping-to-dolphin office space (with four parking spots), the end.

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  1. Although if they want to change to a WenTacoHut. I'd call that a win and be okay with it.


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