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Monday, February 26, 2018

I'll Take Brackish Manmade Ponds for $500, Alex

We've written regularly about the teevee show Jeopardy!, in which Restonians have historically held their own. But imagine our surprise when our plastic fantastic planned community was name-checked in an airing of everyone's favorite game show last week. Our favorite correspondent, The Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston, has the "deets," as the kids might have said semi-recently, at least on teevee shows for kids written by octogenarians whose grandchildren would prefer if they stopped offering them caramels, geez:

On tonight's show, one of the categories was "Rough Waters". One of the clues in it was, and I'm paraphrasing here, "White water rescue teams often practice at Great Falls located between Reston and Bethesda on this river." I can understand why for the Maryland side they used Bethesda and not Potomac so as to not give away the answer. But Reston? Maybe they didn't want to repeat "Great Falls" twice?

Whatever the reason, we in Reston can be proud that Manifest Destiny has worked in reverse and we have expanded eastward to annex the swells who live in Great Falls, much to their utter consternation. One can almost imagine the anguished conversations held in hushed tones throughout that once-proud cluster of McMansions. "I say, Biff old chap, do you think the great unwashed in...Reston...would have any Grey Poupon to spare?"

There's historical precedent for annexing the geographic, McMansion-strewn home of our Betters. But sadly, it appears that the promised land north of Rt. 7 will remain free of DRB control (for now), regardless of what everyone's favorite Canadian-American game show host may think.

In the meantime, we'll bask in the national attention and suggest a few additional questions for future episodes:

We'll take Annoying Rhymes for $200, Alex:

This or That for $400:

Not in the form of a question! Too bad, try again:

In the Rough for $600:

Finally, Potent Potables for $800:

You're welcome, Alex. You're welcome.


  1. So many Jeopardy possibilities for Reston. Where to begin?

    "I'll take Appropriate Nicknames for $800, Alex"

    A: Cleveland and the Tetra purchase

    Q: What are two places that earned the title The Mistake On The Lake?

  2. Okay. I'll play.

    A: Elizabeth Ann Reston

    Q: Who is K's heart throb in the film "Men in Black"?

  3. "Virginia wildlife for $1600, please"

    A:The highest concentration of cougars is found here

    Q:Where is Jackson's?


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